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Avni Demirci: We contribute to the solution of all kinds of financial problems of companies

Caspian Energy (CE): Could you please tell us about the key factors and reasons which drove the creation of Alkan Consulting?

Avni Demirci, Founder of Alkan Consulting Group: The experience gained and observations made over my 30+year banking career in 5 different countries around the world are the most valuable elements for both the banking and business environment. Problems facing local and foreign investors arose due to their lack of information and the investment decisions being made without necessary information. As a result, a path chosen on basis of wrong information led to further increase and aggravation of problems. The need to find a solution or prevent an occurrence of such problems has generated this idea. For this reason, after a long career in the banking sector I decided to work in the consulting field in order to point and show people the right way on time. Alkan Consulting was established to provide people with the right information, they need, in a prompt manner.

CE: We would like to know more about the company’s activity areas…

Avni Demirci:  Alkan Consulting is operating on basis of the knowledge and experience gained over my 30-year career. We provide consultations on financial, investment, management, legal and technological integration-related issues. In these areas, we contribute to the solution of all kinds of financial problems of companies, and to the development of their business. We organize financial management, and at the same time we lend services to meet financial needs, we carry out optimization work on basis of financial analysis and help to make connections between companies and financial institutions.  Apart from this, noteworthy are also companies which need support in management issues. We live in the age of technology, and one of the major things that companies need is the transition from the old classic management form to a new management system, using technologies widely throughout this process.  Along with the consulting services, we also do advising on organizational issues.

 CE: How competitive are the company’s services provided on the domestic market?

Avni Demirci: There is a myth saying that consulting is the easiest business in the world. Many people get themselves engaged in the consulting field, bearing in mind such assumptions as “I can do consulting easily” or “I can have my idea sold by some means or other”. This, in turn, led to the emergence of many consulting companies on the market. The quality of service provided to a customer is the main distinguishing feature of consulting companies engaged in our areas of activity. The following factors have to be taken into account when assessing skills of a consulting company:  A consulting company must inform customers correctly, must be effective, must be reliable, quick and prompt.

For a consulting company, it is important to be capable of carrying out necessary work to meet customers’ needs or find a solution to their problems. To properly manage relationships of customers with other parties also has equal importance. We offer the most optimal solution, applying an unconventional and individual approach to each client. In addition to our international connections, we also offer our international financial/banking options. Our foreign and local connections, our access to international databases make it possible to solve difficulties and problems of our clients not only in Azerbaijan but also in any part of the world. We secure financing for a number of large projects and provide an opportunity to use funds of international financial institutions.

In addition, I am a judge at the European Commercial Court in Brussels. This point makes a special contribution to the workout of many solutions and the organization of consulting for international companies.                                                            

CE: With which leading companies are you cooperating at present?

Avni Demirci: We cooperate with a number of large companies both inside and outside the country, but it should be noted that the consulting sector is an area requiring confidentiality. For this reason, calling the names of the clients we cooperate with may run counter to their interests.

CE: Which of the services you provide enjoys the highest demand?

Avni Demirci: Among the most popular services we provide noteworthy are financial consulting, establishment of correspondent relations with financial institutions, financing of projects and attraction of investments. Besides, ensuring full intended use of offered public subsidies and discount mechanisms in the Azerbaijan Republic is also among the most in-demand services. In particular, considering the interest toward the agricultural sector, we stay close to our customers in arranging any kind of public support to them in this direction. 


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