Wednesday, 22 July 2020 09:55

Nigeria expanding domestic gas network

“Shell is committed to support the Nigerian government's aspiration to expand the domestic gas market by investing in infrastructure within the country and continuing to create domestic gas projects that will be major changes in Nigeria's quest for cleaner energy efficiency, industrialization and economic growth”,  said the Manager of Shell Nigeria Gas (SNG) Ed Ubong.

Shell Nigeria Gas (SNG), a 100 percent subsidiary of Shell Nigeria, which has increased its gas distribution capacity by more than 150 percent.

It should also be noted that Nigeria increased LNG exports to the EU by 21.2% in 2019, taking the third place after Qatar and Algeria, while Russia and the United States share the fourth and fifth places respectively.The share of LNG in the European gas market increased from 5% in 2017 to 14% in 2019, while only the US increased exports by 15 times.

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