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TAP enters into final phase

According to the TAP consortium, the completeness percentage of the Trans Adriatic gas pipeline makes 90.7% at the end of the year. Every day hundreds of meters of TAP’s Right of Way (ROW) are cleared, strung, welded, lowered into the trenches and backfilled, in line with the project construction steps and schedule.

As Reuters has reported earlier, citing the Head of the TANAP consortium Saltuk Duzyol, due to the delay in construction of the Italian section of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), gas from the Azerbaijani field Shah Deniz will reach Europe no earlier than October 2020. A 1,850km long TANAP is designed for supplying Azerbaijani gas from ‘Shah Deniz II’ field to Turkey via Georgia. TANAP will be linked to TAP on the Greek border, which will make it possible to deliver Azerbaijani gas to Europe. According to Duzyol, “the project was supposed to be completed early in 2020. However, the TAP consortium faced some technical challenges, as well as other non-technical problems which impacted the construction process”, Duzyol said.

If the pipeline is not commissioned by July 1, 2020, the TANAP consortium has a right to lodge financial claims on Azerbaijan. “From the trade point of view, we have the right to issue invoices starting from July 1, 2020”, “Vesti.Ekonomika” quotes Duzyol as saying.

Construction of TANAP was complete in 2018. The first gas supply to Turkey began in July of the same year despite the delay in construction because of environmental problems.

It is noteworthy that TAP worth 4.5 billion EUR is a part of the Southern Gas Corridor project.

Initial capacity of TAP will make 10 bcm per year with the possibility of its doubling.

The length of the pipeline makes 878km.  Of this, 550km, 215km, 105km, 8km will cross over Greece, Albania, Adriatic seabed and via the territory of Italy respectively.

TAP shareholders are as follows: BP – 20 %, SOCAR – 20 %, Snam – 20 %, Fluxys – 19 %, Enagás – 16 %, Axpo – %.


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