Thursday, 01 April 2021 09:41

Deputy Prime Minister of Russia on visit to Baku

 “The work of the trilateral working group is progressing well. Very intensive consultations are underway. I am periodically informed about this issue. So there is a topic for discussion, and this topic is important today from the point of view of economic preferences, from the point of view of regional cooperation and from the point of view of strengthening security and peace in our region”, President Ilham Aliyev said at the meeting with Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Alexei Overchuk, Azertag reports.

“I would like to thank you for the opportunity to meet with you and discuss the work that is carried out in the frame of the three-sided working group of deputy prime ministers to unblock economic and transport links in the region. As you have noted, we have met five times both face-to-face and in a videoconferencing format. Indeed, we have made some progress and the work is underway in close contact. We are always in touch with both the Azerbaijani and the Armenian sides. Indeed, we have established very good contacts here”, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Alexei Overchuk said. 


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