Monday, 12 October 2020 11:15

Азербайджан освобождает оккупированные территории, Ильхам Алиев

Many pieces of the enemy’s military equipment have been destroyed and seized in today's battles … I can say that the Armenian army has suffered a major blow since 27 September.

They are abandoning their positions and running awayHowever, several layers of a deeply echeloned defense system were established along the line of contact and on several borders over the past 30 years. Engineering and sapper fortifications were created. It was very difficult to break them, to cross them. In some cases, we needed a few days to break through some fortifications. At the same time, we do everything to minimize losses. Therefore, in some cases, we strengthened our positions in various directions and then prepared for a new operation so that to achieve maximum results and minimal losses.

The liberation of villages and Hadrut settlement is our historic victory. Azerbaijan is liberating the occupied territories. We can say that good news comes from the frontline every day. Every day our soldiers and officers perform their combat tasks with honor. At the same time, taking over strategic heights, they capture more dominating positions”, Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev said in his address to the nation, Azertag reports.

The head of state stressed that the operation is being fulfilled according to the plan, the operational plan is based on modern combat principles. Today, the Azerbaijani Army has a complete advantage on the battlefield – both in terms of logistics support and combat readiness.

The enemy is in panic, the enemy is hysterical. The leader of the hostile country is at a loss. He regularly calls different countries, heads of state and government of different countries, repeatedly asks for help, begs for help, implores several times a day. He is falling down at their feet. He humiliates himself, asks to be saved. The only way for their salvation is that they must leave our lands.

They saw our strength and they saw our determinationThey saw that no force in the world can turn us away from the right pathThere is no force in the world that can influence our determination. Whoever else you beg, whoever else you kneel before, whoever else you implore – no-one can influence us!”, President Ilham Aliyev said.

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