Friday, 09 October 2020 13:01

Assistant to President: Azerbaijan’s regions are supplied with water

Assistant to the President of Azerbaijan Hikmet Hajiyev also shared a post on his Twitter page about the commencement​ of water supply from the reservoir. He wrote that the 30-year environmental terror ended with the liberation of Sugovushan village from occupation: “The Terter is the water-abundant river. Armenia purposefully and constantly blocked the flow of water. Ecological balance will be ensured in Terter, Goranboy and Yevlakh regions of Azerbaijan. The flow of water to these territories by gravity will reduce the demand for using subartesian wells available in these territories and save electricity”.

It should be noted that life in the Caucasus depends on the use, distribution and protection of water. 30% of the water in Azerbaijan is generated by internal rivers, and 70% comes to the country in a polluted form from the outside.

The population uses 23 of the 26 cubic kilometers that are the common water resource of the Kura river, the largest river in the Caucasus, together with the Araz tributary. Experts are concerned about the decline in the level of the Kura river in recent years, 52 percent of the basin of which is located in Azerbaijan. 12 billion cubic meters of water are taken from water sources in Azerbaijan, of this total, 8 billion cubic meters are used by consumers, four billions are lost on the way due to technical problems, as well as in water channels.

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