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Caspian European Club conducts Online Round Table with participation of Javad Gasimov

The traditional monthly Online Round Table organized with the participation of Javad Gasimov, Deputy Chairman of the State Customs Committee of the Azerbaijan Republic, discussed entrepreneurs’ questions and suggestions concerning the cooperation with the SCC during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This news was reported by Telman Aliyev, Chairman and Group CEO of the Caspian European Club and Caspian Energy.


Welcoming the participants of the Online Round Table which lasted for more than 3 hours, the Deputy Chairman of the State Customs Committee of the Azerbaijan Republic, Customs Service Major-General Javad Gasimov spoke about effective cooperation between the customs bodies and the Caspian European Club, emphasizing that business relations play an important role also in foreign trade development.

According to the Deputy Chairman of the Committee, despite the difficulties during the pandemic, the Customs Bodies of our country have undertaken all necessary measures in order to secure continuation of foreign trade operations. He also noted that in addition to measures aimed at easy and fast delivery of goods and transport vehicles to appointed customs bodies, they also pay particular attention to safety measures within the framework protection from the coronavirus.

Javad Gasimov also emphasized that foreign trade participants enjoy continuous support of the customs bodies, and that the reforms which have been ongoing in the customs field in recent years, introduced innovations and innovation-based projects helped to shape a more favorable business climate, facilitate and accelerate customs operations and ensure transparency as well. It is also an important factor for business development.

Javad Gasimov answered the questions of top managers and representatives of the member companies of the Caspian European Club, and listened to their suggestions.

 On behalf of top managers of member companies of the Caspian European Club, Chairman and CEO of the Caspian European Club Telman Aliyev expressed gratitude to Javad Gasimov for open and sincere dialogue, and at the same time thanked him for the proposal to create a joint Public Control Council between the Caspian European Club and the State Customs Committee of the Azerbaijan Republic.


Participating in the meeting were also the Chief of the Main Department for Customs Control and Trade Facilitation of the Azerbaijan Republic State Customs Committee, Mr. Samad Garalov and SMB Friend of the Azerbaijan Republic Small and Medium Business Development Agency within the Baku General Customs Department, Mr. Sahib Najafov.

The Online Round Table has been established by the Caspian European Club to discuss matters and proposals of entrepreneurs representing different sectors of economy in Azerbaijan.

 According to Telman Aliyev, the Caspian European Club, which brings together over 5,000 companies and organizations from 50 countries, was established in June 2002. As an active participant of the business-to-government dialogue, the major objective of the Caspian European Club is to improve the investment and business climate in Azerbaijan and in other countries where the Caspian European Club operates, as well as to stimulate and actively participate in the B2G, B2B and B2C dialogues.

The Caspian European Club is the international business-networking platform and regularly organizes various events such as CEO Brunch, CEO Lunch, Business Tour, etc. Within the framework of online business trainings, local and foreign specialists conduct webinars, trainings and seminars.  The head office of the Caspian European Club is in Baku (Azerbaijan). The Caspian European Club also has official representative offices in Georgia and Kazakhstan, and authorized representatives in different countries around the world. 

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