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Wednesday, 14 November 2018 15:00

EU special mechanism for Iran reviewed in Germany

EU special mechanism for Iran reviewed in Germany

European Union's special mechanism for Iran was reviewed at a roundtable in German parliament in the presence of members of parliament and economic representatives of Berlin, Caspian Energy News ( reports with reference to IRNA.

The roundtable was themed 'Iran - the country and its economy at crossroads'.

After the May 8 exit of the US from 2015 Nuclear Deal by American President Donald Trump, the European Union, Russia, and China announced that they would abide by the Deal and the European Union, announced that a special mechanism for trading with Iran will be launched.

Accordingly, a European Union spokesman had said a few days ago that the EU is determined to maintain the nuclear deal with Iran and has designed a special mechanism.

The spokesman added to Deutsche Welle's website that the decision to set up such mechanisms was decided in September 24 at the EU Foreign Ministers meeting on the sidelines of the UN annual summit in New York. The decision was then passed to the EU member-states.

German Chamber of Commerce and Industry added that 60 representatives of the big-, small- and medium-sized business enterprises and representatives of the German parties were present in the parliament, where financial transfers and the special mechanism of the European Union were reviewed.

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