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Tuesday, 14 November 2017 18:30

SOCAR-AQS has successfully completed the works of construction in Bulla field

SOCAR-AQS completed the works on construction of well No. 78 from stationary platform 6, with target depth of 5910 m, successfully, without any incidents and without harming the environment.

Eldar Yaradanguliyev, the Deputy General Director on the Operations, expressed his opinion about completion of the drilling works said that with the help of a new-generation drilling rig, Drillmec HP 3000, well construction has successfully completed and already delivered to the customer.

“The company successfully managed to run in hole, with one run, and to cement an intermediate 13 3/8” casing with total weight of 530 tons and another 9 5/8” casing with total weight of 380 tons.

For the first time in the national drilling industry, it was managed to run such heavyweight casings in a deep well with only one run, by applying a new technique and technology,” he said. Thus, the tradition of running heavyweight casings in two stages has been abolished.

Besides, rock samples had successfully taken from the 5th and 7th Horizons with the aim to determine lithological properties of the reservoir.

I would like to note that preliminary talks were held with the ‘’Azneft’’ Production Union, which is our main customer, and the corresponding decisions were taken on all operations (casings running, cementing, etc.) through well No. 78.

I am certain that construction of well No.78 from the HP Bulla Field is a next success of the Azerbaijani drilling engineers.

The professional drilling crew was able to complete this job successfully.

I am sure that next wells also will be delivered to the customer at the agreed schedule and economically effective without any complications”

Person in charge of the newsline: Fidan Isayeva 

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