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Wednesday, 21 June 2017 11:45

TAP waiting for VoC from competent authorities of Italy Featured

TAP waiting for VoC from competent authorities of Italy

The Trans Adriatic Pipeline is on schedule, the press service of TAP told Caspian Energy News (

In terms of the overall project progress, we are approximately 41% complete – including all engineering, procurement and construction scope, TAP said.

In Italy, in line with the Single Authorisation permit granted by the Ministry of Economy on 20 May 2015, TAP continues to progress its secondary permitting activities.

Construction activities began in May 2016 with the unexploded ordnance (UXO) and archaeological surveys. In March-April 2017 the olive trees in the project’s micro-tunnel area have been removed and transported to a nearby nursery.

Commenting on the situation with removing olive trees in Italy, the press service of TAP said: “TAP is doing everything in its power to take best care of and protect the olive trees against the Xylella bacterium, which threatens to destroy thousands of olive trees in Southern Apulia. Most of the olive trees in the micro-tunnel area (168) are already moved to a nearby nursery. They have been stored under a canopy to protect them against the bacterium and meticulously cared for, until they can be replanted to their original location (once works have finished)”.

According to TAP, another 42 olive trees (removed from the ground and placed in caissons) are still in the micro-tunnel area where TAP waters them every 2-3 days as TAP has been unable to remove these from the original site as planned due to blockades from protestors on site. These olive trees will also be stored under a canopy which is being constructed to protect them.

“In a second stage, TAP needs to move and store approximately 2,000 olive trees along the pipeline’s 8km route, from the micro-tunnel exit to the Pipeline Receiving Terminal (PRT), before replanting them at their original site, when works are finished. These activities are planned to take place before building the 8km onshore section of the pipeline. TAP will remove the additional olive trees as soon as the Verifications of Compliance (VoC or secondary permitting activities) are released by the competent authorities”, TAP commented on the question of Caspian Energy (

In response to the question about the progress on construction of the Greek section, TAP said that in Greece, as of early June, almost 300 km of our right of way have been cleared, 270 km line pipes strung, approximately 250 km welded, 150 km back-filled and approximately 60 km are being reinstated. Line pipes continue to arrive to Kavala, Thessaloniki and Alexandroupolis. So far, more than 66% of the 32,000 line pipes needed to build the 550km Greek section have been delivered.

In Albania, approximately 115 km have been cleared and graded along our route, 105 km line pipes strung, 90 km welded and approximately 73 km back-filled.

This means that between Greece and Albania, TAP has now cleared and graded 53% of its corridor (approximately 410km out of 765km). Additionally, we have welded over 44% of steel line pipes and around 25% pipes are already in the ground. 

In terms of logistics, “we have just completed the line pipe shipments for the Albanian pipeline section. 13,000 line pipes needed to build the 215km Albania section have now been delivered”, the press service of TAP said.  

Person in charge of the newsline: Sabina Mammadova


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