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Thursday, 05 November 2015 13:20

How probable is the occurrence of bp’s Macondo-like accident in the Caspian? Featured

Bp-Azerbaijan is about to start the first exploratory well engineering at promising structure Shafag-Asiman. The term of exploration shall total 4 years with a possibility of prolongation for another 3 years – until 2018. According to the contract, two wells are planned to be drilled at the first stage. In case of necessity, there will be two more wells drilled at the second stage. The parties will carry out a joint operatorship after the launch of the production drilling. The depth of the first exploratory drilling at Shafag-Asiman field will total about 6500-7000m. High pressure and temperature is expected here when performing drilling. The depth of the sea in the field area varies from 650 up to 950m. According to preliminary data, the effective thickness totals about 3km and starts from a 5km depth up to 8km.

For bp, Shafag-Asiman is the first, or rather the second unexplored field in the Azeri sector of the Caspian, considering the incomplete exploration at Inam.

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