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Thursday, 25 October 2018 18:30

Mr.Fix has acted with wide range of products in an international construction exhibition

Mr.Fix has acted with wide range of products in an international construction exhibition

The 24th International Construction Exhibition is being held at Baku Expo Center in October 23-26. Mr.Fix construction chemicals owned by Kartash LTD as every year, this year also actively participates in  Baku Build Exhibition. Presented products at the exhibition, bitumen waterproofing materials (Bitufix), Polyboard thermal insulation systems, concrete admixtures, tile adhesives, joint filler, decorative and other plaster products arouse special interest in exhibition visitors.

Mr.Fix accepts visitors at the usual place (Stand B 1046) at Baku Expo Center. Hundreds of specialists who visited the stand received information about the particular uses of the product group not only in theory but also in practice. Stand visitors receive information about new and existing products; discusses opportunities for collaboration, work and experience. At the exhibition various professions from the construction industry interested in Mr.Fix products, sharing experiences and ideas.

Mr.Fix is a leading manufacturer of local construction market which operates for 15 years under the motto “The right choice, the right result”. Mr.Fix serving customers more than 200 types of construction products. The company always follows technological innovations, continuing research and development activities without interruptions, produces high quality construction materials. In accordance the products produced with the quality management system ISO 9001, AZS and European standards are reliable and most preferred products.

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