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Thursday, 16 November 2017 10:45

ADB investing in the infrastructure of the country's regions Featured

ADB investing in the infrastructure of the country's regions

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) held a two-day (November 14-15) media tour over the Ganja-Gazakh region, Caspian Energy News ( reports.

The participants of the media tour were informed about the Power Distribution Enhancement Investment Programme. Its loan amount is $250 million. The loan took effect on September 2, 2016. The cumulative contract award comprises $240 million (96%) (as of November 10, 2017), and the cumulative amount of disbursed funds is over $123 million (51%) (as of November 10, 2017).

ADB Country Director for Azerbaijan Nariman Mannapbekov and Chief Engineer Mehman Abbasov gave information about the recently commissioned 110 kilo Volt (kV) Dalimammadli substation with two 40 megavolt-ampere (MVA) transformers, 110 kV outdoor switchgear, 35 and 10 kV indoor switchgears, protection and control and auxiliary systems located in Dalimammadli City (West of Azerbaijan).

According to Nariman Mannapbekov, this is a flagship project of the investment program of ADB, which gets a reliable financial support. He added that the substation is managed by means of the SCADA system from the control center in Baku and can be switched off from the same center at any time in case of the force-majeure situation.

The substation has replaced the old substation with more than 40 years of operation, twice lower capacity, less efficiency and frequent outages. With outgoing nine 10 kV distribution lines, it provides sustainable electricity supply to more than 11 thousand consumers in Dalimammadli City and Goranboy district area covering households, agricultural and commercial facilities, with 90% of them being households. The old substation was experiencing limitations in the electricity supply to residential areas and agricultural facilities due to lower capacity and outdated equipment, causing frequent outages. This had a severe impact on  the operation of irrigation pumping facilities of farmers in Goranboy District, reducing their income. Due to difficulties in electricity supply, the local distribution company as an alternate, had to use electricity supply from other electricity sources located dozens of kilometers away from Dalimammadli.

The investment program of Azerishiq with the financial support of ADB includes construction of the following facilities:

- four units of 110 kV substations along with 54kms of 110 kV transmission lines;

- sixteen units of 35 kV substations along with 124kms of 35 kV transmission lines;

- 1,157 units of 6 and 10 kV transformer substations;

- 1,237 units of 6 kV and 10 kV distribution lines;

- 3,900 km of 0.4 kV distribution lines

The Executing Agency for the Power Distribution Enhancement Investment Programme is Azerishiq Open Joint Stock Company.

The second tranche in the amount of 250 million can also be provided on request of the government, ADB Country Director for Azerbaijan Nariman Mannapbekov told journalists.

According to him, the funds of this loan can be used to improve efficiency and reliability of the power distribution networks, and to enhance availability of reliable electricity supply to all consumers.

Ganja-Gazakh constitutes one of Azerbaijan’s ten economic zones. With a size of more than 12 thousand square kilometres, it is a predominately agricultural region. Improving rural roads provides better access and opportunities for local communities, and is therefore critically important towards achieving the economic growth.

The Asian Development Bank funded the rehabilitation of rural roads and reconstruction of bridges in the Agstafa and Gazakh rayons under the Project 4 of the Road Network Development Program.

The rehabilitation of about 41.3 kilometers of rural roads included the reconstruction of the road pavement, reconstruction of existing culverts and bridge; improvement of drainage structures; and installation of road signs and markings for traffic safety. A total of five rural roads connecting 16 villages with population 20,500 people within the Agstafa and Gazakh rayons have been upgraded as part of the ADB-funded of the Road Network Development Program MFF, Project 4, including the following roads:

· Ashagi-Kesemen-Zalimkhan road (9.85 km)

· Soyugbulag-Tinglik (9.54 km)

· Kommuna Road (2.67 km)

· Gazakh-Duzgishlag, Huseynbeyli Section (2.67 km)

· Vurgun-Kohne Gishlag Road (16.60 km), includes a newly constructed bridge

Along with the rural roads, 4 new bridges with an aggregate length of 363 meters were constructed under the Project along with the Agstafa-Poylu-Georgian Border Road, including a modern 184 meter long bridge over the Kur River.

Azeravtayol ASC has been the Executing Agency for the project and all roads and bridge works have been executed by the Azerbaijani companies (KBT and GKT2) at highest engineering and quality standards, and has been fully completed by September 28, 2017.


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