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Friday, 17 January 2014 14:30

Luxury resort floats with ArcelorMittal steel

Around 1,200 tonnes of steel plates produced in ArcelorMittal’s Gijon facilities in Spain are being used in a unique project: a floating luxury holiday resort that will soon be travelling along the coast of Lebanon.

The self-propelled floating resort – 74m long, 47m wide and 36.7m high – will include a five-star hotel with 62 rooms and suites, 70 rooms with a view of the seabed, a roof-top restaurant that can seat 300 people and a main deck with a capacity to seat 1,200 people, as well as many other leisure facilities, Caspian Energy News ( reports with reference to the press service of ArcelorMittal.

The 1,200 tonnes of plates were delivered to our customer, Beirut International Marine Industry & Commerce s.a.r.l, from early 2013, and are being used to build the underwater structure that will keep the resort above water. The customer opted for our S355G8 grade, which is one of our strongest steel grades and which is highly resistant to salt water corrosion. Once delivered to Beirut International, the plates were then transformed into tubes and cones to support the floating island.

An additional 130 tonnes have already been ordered by the customer and will be delivered in early 2014.

“There are still other opportunities for us in this project, like the cladding. But we hope that our partnership will extend to include future floating island projects as well, as Beirut International Marine Industry & Commerce s.a.r.l know that they can count on our support. We will continue to leverage our know-how to win these projects and contribute to making these astonishing, futuristic hotels a reality,” said Marco Eijgenraam, who is in charge of the commercial coordination for this project within our Distribution Solutions construction projects entity.

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