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Sunday, 08 November 2015 18:00

Production in industry down 1.1% in Germany

In September 2015, production in industry was down by 1.1% from the previous month on a price, seasonally and working day adjusted basis according to provisional data of the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis), Caspian Energy News ( reports with reference to Destatis.

In August 2015, the corrected figure shows a decrease of 0.6% (primary –1.2%) from July 2015.

In September 2015, production in industry excluding energy and construction was down by 1.4%.

Within industry, the production of capital goods decreased by 1.4%, the production of intermediate goods by 0.4% and the production consumer goods by 3.2%. Energy production was up 0.3% on the previous month while production in construction fell by 0.9%.

The rates of change refer to the production index for the industry (2010 = 100). Seasonal and working day adjustment is done using the Census X-12-ARIMA method. 

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