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Thursday, 23 June 2016 19:00

We aim to develop new products and solutions for the region - Cem Öçal, International Sales, Group Manager, KoçSistem Turkey Featured

Caspian Energy (CE): Mr. Öçal, KoçSistem has been present in the IT market since 1945. Could you please tell about the achievements in the IT sector and the current possibilities of the company?

Cem Öçal, International Sales, Group Manager, KoçSistem Turkey: KoçSistem, a member of the Koç Group is one of Turkey’s leading information technology companies. A pioneering corporation since it was established in 1945, KoçSistem has been serving enterprise customers to reach their targets for sustainable growth, and also facilitates their digital future with innovative solutions.

KoçSistem provides IT services to the top 500 companies in Turkey, providing extensive experience, reliable partnerships and a cutting-edge approach. KoçSistem also greatly enhances the competitiveness of their business models.

KoçSistem runs its own research and development department, and delivers data center, network solutions and services and business applications to customers, ranging from large corporations to medium-sized enterprises.

KoçSistem’s corporate vision is to carry stakeholders towards the future in Europe and in the MEA region with innovative technologies, solutions and services. KoçSistem’s corporate mission is to become an institution which uses the power derived from stakeholders for their own development; thus provide reliable, innovative and directing technology, solutions and services, and henceforth creates added value for its country and to maintain this position.

KoçSistem makes strong strategic partnerships with world’s leading technology companies.


CE: What about KoçSistem in Azerbaijan?

Cem Öçal: Well, Azerbaijan–Turkey relations have always been strong with the two often being described as “one nation with two states” by National Leader of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev, due to both being Turkic nations.

It is also deeply assuring to see the priority which goes to Information Technologies, in terms of Country’s strategic focus and investment.

We have seen all these opportunities in Azerbaijan and hence invested on KoçSistem Azerbaijan MMC (founded in 2012) which is one of the greatest step having been taken in our 70 years journey.

Our goal is to become “one stop shop” for public and private companies, delivering a turnkey added-value service model. We also volunteer to be part of the digital transformation that is expected to happen.

We always plan the link between R&D, innovation and productivity. In order to create successful services before the investment made, the key action is to strategize on R&D for any large Project.

I am also proud to share that on December 15, 2015, KoçSistem opened its first foreign Research and Development Center at the Technopark affiliated with Azerbaijan’s established and advanced Qafqaz University.

We aim to develop new products and solutions in the medium and long term for the Caucasus region, to ensure more investment in economic and social areas by launching innovative processes, to bring the know-how and experience we have gained in the software sector in Turkey to Azerbaijan, and we trust that this solidarity will increase mutual productivity. Our added-value is to duplicate our success in a country like Azerbaijan which shares the same culture and business climate. We had emphasized this message for instance, in the Technology Days, KoçSistem event, in Baku, last autumn.


CE: You have mentioned about “digital transformation”. Can you please elaborate more?

Cem Öçal: It is obvious that the companies, which execute the technology driven transformation, are more capable to increase their profits, global performance and the market share.

The digital transformation represents a unique opportunity in emerging markets, such as Turkey and Azerbaijan, and has to be considered as a big step forward.

The digital transformation’s key is to provide a smooth experience between the machine and the men within the technologic platforms.

We see a lot of success stories everyday and those are not necessarily driven by huge investments. The principal is to maintain a comprehensive capability on digital technologies. For instance, the “platform thinking” is a great example about the successful business models in today’s environment.


CE: What are the preparations that the enterprises have to consider?

Cem Öçal: IT is now the inevitable parameter in all business models and the strategic driver. We may also say that turned to be the DNA mechanism of an organization which needs to be well perceived by its management. The mega trends such as “big data”, “mobility”, “Internet of things” are now the key factors for the transformation.


CE: And what about the public sector?

Cem Öçal: The public sector influences the private in terms of the investment strategy to be planned. The support from the government and the easiness of legal procedures are also anticipating the digital transformation. There is definitely a big role of the R&D in this equation.

On the other hand; the digitalisation strategy lets the public sector not only to reduce the operational cost but also to increase the efficiency. All the public services procedures, which are being provided on digital platforms, are well welcomed by the consumers and also by the corporates.

So, to summarize… Any public project related to infrastructure modernization or application platforms make a great example for other public entities or private sector.


CE: What are KoçSistem preparations for this new approach?

Cem Öçal: KoçSistem is pioneering the digital transformation with its 70 years know-how. We had been prepared well in advance, before the wave of transformation started happening. We delivered many projects which enabled our customers to execute their digital transformation. So, this is not something new for us.

With our value-creating, market focused approach to product management, our strategic outlook paving the way to the future, our expert team and our R&D and innovation power that shapes the future of technology, we are ready for new transformations!

I also feel that is the right time to talk about KoçSistem “NoW” concept. The world is getting smarter, and we are witnessing a technological transformation in which everything from security systems to corporate applications is getting smarter and more connected. This transformation holds many unique opportunities. We name this new world “NoW – New Opportunities World”, and we invite our clients to take advantage of these opportunities NOW. And we invite our customers to be part of this “NoW” journey.

NoW is the initiative of KoçSistem where we invite our clients to experience the latest in technology and take advantage of the state of the art right now, as we realize their digital transformation processes.

NoW helps our customers to have the technology not tomorrow but today. NoW enables the digital transformation. NoW means a KoçSistem which presents it now…

We are prepared thanks to: our value-added product marketing focus, our visionary strategy, our people and the expertise, our R&D centers.

We are prepared for the transformation!!!

Allow me please to share few examples with you from 2015:

- 4500 users over 4 continents, audio and video integration Project, smart enterprise.

- Internet of things projects for over 100 workstations across Turkey, smart agriculture.

- Integrated IT infrastructure and automation for 500 thousand residences for reliable energy services, smart energy.

We will continue to grow in 2016 while pursuing the mega trends which will lead us to tomorrow.


CE: How is your approach when it comes to new transformation project?

Cem Öçal: Thanks for touching to this point. Our digital transformation strategy is based on a customer centric approach. We optimize the customers business processes for a perfectionist experience in today’s smart world.

Only the positioning of the right strategy into the heart of the digital transformation will bring added-value and will succeed. We then implement the right technology to adapt the strategy, while the frame is based on mega trends.

Next step is to define and execute agile, functional, integrated and innovative processes. Last but not the least is the human perspective. That is to improve internal and external customer satisfaction to the highest level.

The methodology supporting this approach is to: Analyze, Define the requirements and realize the outcome.


CE: Thank you very much for your time on this interview, really appreciated. Do you have any last comments to the Azerbaijan IT market professionals?

Cem Öçal: We, KoçSistem, a pioneer in IT business would like to address our expertise in Azerbaijani market. We believe that there are mutual expectations which can be met with the right business engagement. 1250 KoçSistem employees are ready to fulfill this engagement.


Thank you for the interview


Interview made by Jeyhun Bayramov and Olga Nagiyeva



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