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Wednesday, 04 May 2016 16:00

Commission proposes the signature of the EU-US data protection Umbrella Agreement

The European Commission proposes to the Council the signature and conclusion of the EU-US data protection Umbrella Agreement, Caspian Energy News ( reports with reference to the press statement of the European Commission. On this occasion, Commissioner Jourová said: "The Umbrella agreement will provide high data protection standard when justice and police authorities exchange personal data. The Judicial Redress Act ensures that all EU citizens have the right to enforce data protection rights in U.S. courts, as U.S. citizens already enjoy this right in Europe. This is a historic achievement to rebuild trust in transatlantic data flows and to strengthen the fundamental right to privacy." In September 2015, the Commission and the U.S. finalised the negotiations. The signature of the Judicial Redress Act by President Obama in February, granting judicial redress rights to EU citizens, opened the way for its signature. The EU-US data protection Umbrella Agreement will put in place a comprehensive high-level data protection framework for EU-US law enforcement cooperation. The Agreement covers all personal data exchanged between the EU and the U.S. It will provide safeguards and guarantees of lawfulness for data transfers, and provide EU citizens the same judicial redress rights as US citizens in case of privacy breaches. The Council shall now adopt a decision authorising the signing of the Agreement. Once the agreement is signed, the decision concluding the Agreement will be adopted by the Council after obtaining the consent of the European Parliament. 

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