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Friday, 04 July 2014 17:30

UN survey of e-governance of 2014: another progress of Georgia in ratings

According to United Nations survey of e-governance of 2014 which was published today, Georgia has improved the index of e-governance development by 16 units and among 193 countries moved to 56th place from 72nd, Caspian Energy News ( reports with reference to the Prime minister's press service. The mentioned data indicates that in the index of UN e-governance which is published once two years Georgia is experiencing a significant progress.

While estimating the total level of e-governance in different countries Georgia moved forward by 28 units compared to the data of 2010 and moved to 72nd place from 100th, and this year to - 56th. With this indicator Georgia is the leader of the region and is ahead of Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Ukraine, etc. "It is worth mentioning that the countries which have a high index of e-governance spend significant resources in this direction, and Georgia has much more limited capacity in this respect but the result is impressive that is the result of the high scale work the government of Georgia is performing, and in this direction leading organizations are the ministries of justice, finance and foreign affairs. The indicator of e-governance priority is that the government commission supporting e-governance development is working in Georgia which is headed by Prime Minister, and the deputy is Minister of Justice. The mentioned success once more clearly demonstrates that Georgia in terms of e-governance development is on the right way and this road will provide the sustainable development of our country", - deputy minister of justice Aleksandre Burchuladze stated.

It should also be noted that significant progress of Georgia is in the process of communication between the state and citizens in regard of using platforms based on information-communication technologies. In the mentioned segment, according to the survey of 2014, Georgia advanced by 17 units and moved from 66th place to 49th. "The index of UN e-governance is the most reliable and recognized means of defining as to which country has progress in this direction. The mentioned survey has been implemented since 2003. At that time Georgia was on 153rd place among 179 countries. In 2010 Georgia was on 100th place. The same year data exchange agency of the ministry of justice started operating which is the main agency responsible for e-governance development in the country. Today 193 states participate in the index and we can say that from 2010 to 2014 Georgia advanced by 44 units which is a very high indicator", - chairman of data exchange agency of the ministry of justice of Georgia, Irakli Gvenetadze stated.

The aim of UN e-governance world index is to measure the success of a particular country in institutional arrangement of e-government, definition of policy and establishing relevant infrastructure. In the report of 2014 particular attention was paid to the access of e-services in non-urban, distant regions. Particularly certain directions were mentioned such as mobile services, access of government and private institutions service based on modern information technologies and other similar innovations.

UN conducts the survey in three key directions: specter and quality of online services, state of telecommunication infrastructure development and degree of human resource involvement.

Particular attention in the survey is paid to establishing electronic identification means (eID). Here Georgia is mentioned with Canada, Finland, Japan, New Zealand and Singapore.

Georgia is also in the list of the countries where the quality of integration of state organizations websites with social networks is high. According to e-governance development index South Korea, Australia and Singapore is on the top three places, and leading country across Europe is France.


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