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Thursday, 11 July 2019 15:43

Advertising for a lawyer is the result of his activities, Shaig Mirzayev Featured

Advertising for a lawyer is the result of his activities, Shaig Mirzayev

Caspian Energy (CE): Could you please tell about history and activity of the Mirzayev and Partners Legal Firm?

Shaig Mirzayev, Founder of Mirzayev and Partners Legal Firm: I would like to note that I grew up in the family of a lawyer. My father worked in the police for a long time. Now he is the member of the Bar. I graduated from the law faculty of the Baku State University. Then I got a master’s degree. After completing my master’s, I defended a dissertation and got Ph.D. in legal science. I also took special courses on corporate law and personnel management technique in London.

Over the last 10 years I headed companies from different fields such as a bank, transport sector, as well as managed an enterprise on glass package production (bottles). At present I am heading a Law Firm. I started working at departments of state agencies. I guess it is the reason why I always lived and keep living on the idea to serve my nation and the state.

As I have mentioned, I started working for the security bodies of Azerbaijan at the age of 22. At that time I had not time and conditions to create my own company, but in February 2019 I decided to create my company. I used the experience I gained through all these years, worked out a strategy and gathered a team. Now we work only with corporate clients.

My 10-year experience helped to study entrepreneurs’ problems closely. It involves migration and customs issues, contractual law and tax procedures.


CE: Which areas of legal service are of greater importance and demand bigger attention?

Shaig Mirzayev: Thework of law firms should be split into two areas which involve services lent to citizens, and services lent to companies. Nowadays, the majority of problems facing the citizens are associated with banks, as well as pension issues, administrative offences, issues concerning property, heritage, etc. Companies are mostly interested in issues concerning customs procedures, Financial Market Supervisory Authority and the migration field. For instance, if a company intends to hire a foreigner, then we, as a law firm, can help with getting all the necessary paperwork done.

Many companies face different problems and they are in need of special and smart legal aid which our company is involved in. It is very important for a jurist to prepare a road map for an employer in a right way.

The main line of our activity is the business support. Issues we are involved in cover migration, labor, tax and contract law, legal cases, insurance, etc.


CE: How is it going with the recruitment of young human resources?

Shaig Mirzayev: We welcome young human resources and are always ready to support and teach them. Our policy is to make it possible for an employee to develop professionally. We are ready to hire an ambitious jurist wishing to work.

Our principle and policy of the company is to have a jurist become a partner within a given period. It is the main difference from all other types of activity.


CE: What could you say about future prospects of the company’s development?

Shaig Mirzayev: We certainly have plans towards a perspective of development, for coming 5-7 years. We plan to open a few branches in the regions and make the Baku office a head office. Development of employees is also among the future prospects of the company’s development.

For instance, till 2022 we plan to open our offices in such cities as Ganja, Sumgayit and Lankaran. Our offices will lend services to companies operating in these regions. There are jurists in these regions, but, they unfortunately work with citizens. This hampers the work of companies. There are no qualified companies in regions, working with big businessmen. Companies working in the regions often face challenges, and having no qualified legal aid, they have to seek it in Baku. Of course, we can work remotely, but the work of the law firm is more effective once there is a branch. It is also increasingly effective for jurists themselves.

We also plan to open offices outside Azerbaijan. We aim not only at internal but also foreign markets.


CE: How is it going with the specialization of lawyers in Azerbaijan?

Shaig Mirzayev: Active development of legal profession has been seen for last 1-2 years, which accordingly has a positive impact on their specialization. Area specialization of lawyers will raise the quality and efficiency of legal services.


CE: How to choose a law firm among many, which would meet requirements and wishes of a customer?

Shaig Mirzayev: One should consider the level of training and knowledge of layers and jurists. Ideally, you should gather all information about a jurist or a lawyer concerning his/her skills. It is necessary to apply to clients who already used a service lent by any certain company.

It would be prudent to choose a specialized firm which is able to provide services needed to a customer.


CE: What do you think about advertisements of law firms?

Shaig Mirzayev: Negatively. Advertising for a lawyer is the result of his activities. There are some countries where the law prohibits advertising law firms and I fully support this principle.


Thank you for the interview!

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