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Friday, 05 July 2019 11:55

“My Broker”: We are aspiring to be a reliable company Featured

“My Broker”: We are aspiring to be a reliable company

Caspian Energy: Could you please tell about the activity of the “My Broker” Customs Representation?

Jabir Yusifali Kamranov, Head of Sales Department, “My Broker” Customs Representation: Based on world experience,“My Broker” Customs Representation has been operating at the customs territory of the Azerbaijan Republic since 2016. Having 70 employees and providing about 20 types of services, My Broker is lending all necessary services concerning customs representation and arrangement of international transportation. Based on provision of 20 types of customs services and paying particular attention to the importance of export, a certain work has been done to export our services to international markets.


CE: Regarding the representation services, could you please give a detailed description of this work?

Jabir Yusifali Kamranov: Applied in developed countries, this system is meant for convenience of entrepreneurs and citizens using the customs. Owing to this type of service, citizens and entrepreneurs do not have to visit customs points and lose time. By applying to My Broker’s service windows at “ASAN Xidmət” center, signing a contract on provision of services and providing a warrant, our citizens and businessmen can, without their direct involvement, do customs registration and deliver cargoes to the point of destination on basis of the transfer and acceptance certificate for the product.


CE: Where shall citizens apply to if they wish to use your services?

Jabir Yusifali Kamranov: In order to facilitate operations on customs registration, My Broker offers citizens and businessmen a full range of services in appropriate service windows of Baku-based “ASAN Xidmət” centers #1, 3, 4, 5, and at ASAN Komunal center #1, at Sumgayit and Guba “ASAN Xidmət” services. In near future our citizens will be able to apply to new service windows in other regional service centers of ASAN.

It is noteworthy that a new service on customs registration and infilling of electronic customs declarations for goods and parcels, which belong to consulates and diplomatic missions of foreign states in our country, has been available at My Broker’s service window at ASAN Xidmət center #5.


CE: My Broker and the Innovations Center under the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan signed memorandum of understanding. Which issues have been reflected in the memorandum?

Jabir Yusifali Kamranov: Thememorandum of understanding was signed to strengthen and develop cooperation aimed at serving the citizens. The memorandum includes several issues. One of them is the project on Export Support 2019 envisaging the conduct of trainings on export customs operations. Awareness-building activities, aimed at developing entrepreneurship and ensuring satisfaction of citizens in Azerbaijan, are planned to be held as well.

The memorandum also envisages electronization of customs and warehousing services, as well as exchange of experience in development and realization of innovative ideas, introduction of innovative methods and conduction of socially-oriented researches in the innovations-based activity. State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations and other agencies are also expected to be involved in socially-oriented projects.


CE: What does the Export Support 2019 project imply?

Jabir Yusifali Kamranov: I ampleased to answer your question about the Export Support 2019 project, reflected in the Memorandum, because I was a trainer in one of the arranged trainings. The purpose of trainings is to lend support to entrepreneurs, engaged in export, proceeding from the Azerbaijan Republic President’s order on measures to be undertaken to improve control over import-export operations. The final objective is to encourage export of non-oil products and raise the export volume. Given the fact that our area of activity is directly linked to customs operations, our main goal is to inform entrepreneurs about customs registration documentation when exporting products produced in Azerbaijan, as well as to stimulate local producers towards performing a much easier export of products to foreign markets.

Along with the growth of our country’s role in international trade at the expense of reforms implemented recently in the tax and customs field, an important work is underway to develop the non-oil sector, improve an entrepreneurial environment, and perform prompt and transparent import-export operations.

When conducting such awareness-building activities, we saw that our entrepreneurs are not fully familiar with all the reforms and changes made in the tax legislation.


CE: Which topics did the training cover?

Jabir Yusifali Kamranov: Since February 1 the Innovations Center and My Broker Customs Representation organized trainings for entrepreneurs engaged in local production. The trainings consisted of three phases. In the course of trainings entrepreneurs, engaged in local production, were informed about preparation of necessary documents required for export, about export customs procedures, about rules of application of the green corridor system during export and international transportation for export operations.

It is noteworthy that trainings made a deep impression on participants. It shows the necessity of arranging such trainings on regular basis.


CE: What are your plans for the future?

Jabir Yusifali Kamranov: I would like tonote that the trust of citizens and businessmen to us gives us momentum to enhance service quality and in the meantime makes us more responsible in our work. Realizing the scale of our responsibility and following the principles of efficient and transparent work, we aspire to be a reliable company in Azerbaijan and in international arena, complying with modern quality standards. In order to have this all introduced, it is necessary to develop and undertake practical measures, maintain the satisfaction of clients by means of improving work quality. I would like to once again draw your attention to the fact that we intend to continue developing the level of professionalism of our staff.


 Thank you for the interview!


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