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Tuesday, 30 April 2019 13:00

We take a positive view of cooperation offers, Vugar Hamidov Featured

We take a positive view of cooperation offers, Vugar Hamidov

Caspian Energy (CE):  Could you please tell about history of creation of Vital Food Export? How did the scope of activity of the company extend?

Vugar Hamidov, Founder and General Director of Vital Food Export LLC: Vital Food Export was registered officially on the 26th of July 2018 in the legal entities public register office operating under the Ministry of Taxes. Besides, our company was registered by the Food Safety Agency on 20 August 2018 and received required permits.

Vital Food Export LLC is a legal company engaged in consulting services, import, export and foreign trade of agricultural products produced in Azerbaijan and abroad.

We have our own business area and a customer base. As far as the second part of your question is concerned, the business line of our company used to be limited only to foreign trade before while an export of Azerbaijani agricultural products to foreign markets made it possible to extend the business line. Despite the fact that import operations account for an inconsiderable share in our business, I can say that we have enough orders in this area. In all cases we take a positive view of cooperation offers and are always ready to cooperate with producers, farmers, in one word, with entrepreneurs.

CE: What have been the achievements throughout this stage? What are the plans for the near future?

Vugar Hamidov: Our Company was founded last year. I want to note it as a success gained last year because it was the first step to a successful future. Our major priority for coming years is to ensure further expansion of our activity and deliver Azerbaijani agricultural products, that is to say Azerbaijan’s taste, to different parts of the world. 

CE: What is required for a broader promotion of products under the “Made in Azerbaijan” brand, including products of Vital Food Export?

Vugar Hamidov: In fact, the “Made in Azerbaijan” brand is a trademark not only for export companies but also for other ones. Nowadays, Vital Food Export LLC is engaged in promotion and sale of Azerbaijani products in several countries of the world under the “MADE IN AZERBAIJAN” brand, “VUGA” and “VITAL FOOD” trademarks. Further development demands a hard work, creative and friendly staff, qualitative products and state support. Once these conditions are provided, Vital Food Export will have its business strengthened more under the “Made in Azerbaijan” brand.

CE: In which foreign markets are you already operating and which markets do you target?

Vugar Hamidov: Israel, Japan, Canada, USA, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries are our foreign partners. Our relations with the countries I mentioned grew from a seller-buyer code into a friendship. As to the market we aim at, it is the European market. I think that it can be done after certain changes and adaptation to several local products.

CE: Are you satisfied with the conditions created in the country for small and medium business? Do you have suggestions regarding the development of this area?

Vugar Hamidov: I will answer this question briefly. The country has taken unprecedented steps. Broad stimulus moves were taken. I have no concrete suggestions regarding this area. We are the citizens of the Azerbaijan Republic and act in accordance with the regulations and rules of relevant bodies of the Azerbaijan Republic, and are engaged in export of agricultural products produced in Azerbaijan.

CE: Which incentives provided by the government of Azerbaijan for the development of agriculture is the Company using?

Vugar Hamidov:  I regret to say that we have not fully taken advantage of these opportunities. We want to create a farm, called VITAL FARM, on basis of the meat and meat products buy/sell agreements which we signed as a company. Nevertheless, this problem has not been solved. There are a number of projects which we had to postpone because of certain problems. For instance, in December we received an order from Qatar for clover delivery. We delivered the product to a client in Ukraine for a much higher price and faced some financial losses. As it was our long-term and multi-aspect partner, we suffered certain losses. Of course, if Vital Food Export had its own crop area in its portfolio, we would supply a clover produced in Azerbaijan. 



Thank you for the interview.

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