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Friday, 28 December 2018 16:00

We believe that 2018 was successful for us, Eldar Shirinov Featured

We believe that 2018 was successful for us, Eldar Shirinov

Caspian Energy (CE): Could you please tell how many years the company has been operating in the Azerbaijan market?

Eldar Shirinov, Commercial Director of Aspen Group: Our Company was established in 2013 and has been successfully operating in the local market for the 6th year now.  I would like to note that the Company was created from zero with minimum investments. A construction boom was observed in Baku while opening the Company and it was hard to highlight a qualitative work of construction companies from the total mass of built facilities. Besides, it was quite challenging to convince owners of construction companies and officials of different levels to use more qualitative and durable products offered by the company. But the situation has changed now.

CE: What is the range and destination of products offered by your company?

Eldar Shirinov:  Let’s take the most banal situation which practically anyone of us can be in. Due to poor acoustics, at Azerbaijani festivities one can make out neither song words nor music except for the rhythm and noise of the dynamics. I am not even talking about that this noise deprives guests, sitting at tables, of normal communication.  This situation with poor acoustics is topical in all public places, offices, call-centers, etc.

To solve this problem, we are offering acoustic products which provide comfort, raise productivity and do not intrude upon leisure of people. We are also offering products for interior-design of public places, that is to say, acoustic, antibacterial, hygienic, designer suspended ceilings, modular movable dividers, cabins for high humidity rooms, flooring for hospitals, education institutions, business and trade centers, subway, etc.   

CE: How do you assess a legal framework for the development of small and medium business?

Eldar Shirinov: What can influence the development of small and medium business? Of course, first of all it is the attitude of tax and customs agencies towards us.

Today we see progress in this area – in the work of customs and tax agencies, banking structures. Though, it is not massive, but we do see it.

We want to believe that all these improvements will be permanent and that the country’s legal framework will continue improving and working as a single mechanism. And we, entrepreneurs, will work and continue paying taxes.

CE: Most companies are trying to optimize their activity at this stage. You’re your company have its own developments? 

Eldar Shirinov:  Technologies are progressing. We also try to reduce production and other costs so that to make offered products cheaper and more qualitative, and introduce different know-how.

CE: Who is the main customer of Aspen Group? Which companies are you cooperating with?

Eldar Shirinov:  Today, the largest companies and organizations of Azerbaijan are our main customers. Holding, Pasha Construction, Azinko, Gilan, North West Construction,  McDonald's restaurants network, Domino's Pizza, ADA University and many others are among them.

CE: Which achievements made in 2018 could you note and what are the plans for 2019?  

Eldar Shirinov:  We believe that 2018 was successful. We have delivered orders, assembled a few big facilities of Republic-wide significance and managed to sign big contracts for 2019.

Besides, together with our foreign partners we plan to participate in construction exhibitions to be hosted in Munich and Istanbul early in 2019. The crew intends to work hard, fulfill all obligations assumed from customers, and of course continue developing. 



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