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Wednesday, 26 December 2018 17:00

Corporate and individual services of our company are quite multifaceted - Bakhtiyar Yaraliyev Featured

Corporate and individual services of our company are quite multifaceted  - Bakhtiyar Yaraliyev

Caspian Energy (CE):  Could you please tell about the activity of your company which has been operating in the market of Azerbaijani for two years?

Bakhtiyar Yaraliyev, Director of Alliance Assist Group LLC: Independent companyAlliance-Assist Group has been operating in the market since 2017. We are providing professional support and services to insurance companies, corporations, different financial organizations, medical centers as well as personal customers. Corporate and individual services of our company are quite multifaceted and cover different segments.

Of course, medical service is the company’s main area of activity. Therefore, we are cooperating with medical centers of the republic, which meet the most modern world standards, have professional medical experts and cover almost all the districts of Baku. Apart from this, exclusive agreements and contracts have been signed with a number of insurance and medical companies and corporations of Europe and Asia. We are also providing services on arranging health tourism both in Azerbaijan and beyond it.

CE: What services does your company provide within the framework of the “Individual medical service” program?

Bakhtiyar Yaraliyev:  Well, firstly, our call center is operating 7 days a week round the clock. Citizens can get online consultation by phone. Our professional doctors will give answers to all health related questions and provide necessary advice.

Our customers can use an ambulance and count on emergency medical care 24 hours per day.  Besides, we provide transportation of our clients in vehicles equipped with all necessary medical facilities. We also do transportation of a patient on a helicopter or a plane equipped with modern medical facilities.

Secondly, to make an effective diagnosis and treatment, experienced specialists of our company will help you to choose a clinic and a doctor both in Azerbaijan and beyond it. To reveal risk factors which can cause disease in future, Alliance Assist Group can arrange a check-up in the most reliable medical centers. We also offer check-up packages at home or at work, and guarantee high-quality medical service from our business partners.

Our clients enjoy special benefits in medical centers which we cooperate with. Patients can benefit from discounts at facilities which cover all the areas of the medical sector. If clients are not satisfied with a treatment course or doubt about diagnosis, we can remove these doubts. Our special “Mymediks” product will help to get an alternative comment of doctors-experts and clarify a diagnosis. Thus, it is possible to arrange meetings with doctors-specialists both inside the country and outside it.

Thirdly, a medical service commenced in the hospital, may further be offered both at home or in the workplace. We attach big importance to arranging treatment of seriously ill recumbent patients and Alliance Assist provides such services in accordance with international requirements.

Fourthly, the company considers individual medical data of clients and maintains a systematic individual control through sms, email or by phone. Reminding and observation are carried out by a brigade of nurses under supervision of doctors. That is to say, we prevent patients’ being indifferent towards themselves and ensure supervision over their health conditions. If serious health problems arise, Mymediks organizes treatment in leading medical centers of the world. Mymediks makes translation of medical documents into foreign languages and handles visa problems. Besides, Mymediks provides check-up of laboratory analysis samples at advanced laboratories of Europe, and delivery of results to your place. It is important to note that in the course of treatment Alliance Assist Group will control quality of medical service provided at clinics. Besides, our specialists will compare bills, submitted by clinics, with real needs and prices, and prevent excessive expenditures.

And finally, Alliance Assist Group is registering all data related to your health, and even insignificant details. Results of patients’ diagnosis and treatment are also archived, so are the diagnosis and treatment results of your family members. Thus, no matter in which country you are, regardless of the time, within 7 days/ 24 hours, this data can be sent to medical institutions operating in Azerbaijan and outside it. 

CE: In addition to this, you are also offering corporate medical service?

Bakhtiyar Yaraliyev:  Yes, here we also have a call center working round the clock, 7 days a week. Specialists give online consultations in regard to all health related questions. A package of medical service provided at home and in the workplace is practically the same as upon an individual service. Our company can even open a medical aid post at institutions and organizations in order to control health conditions of employees. Doing medical check-up at home and in the workplace is offered. High quality medical service is guaranteed by our business partners.

Besides these services, Alliance Assist Group is offering the following programs for corporate clients: health control, vaccination; alcohol and drug testing; first aid provision; feeding; ergonomic and anti-stress programs; check-up of occupational injuries.

CE: What does the medical service at home or in the workplace imply?

Bakhtiyar Yaraliyev:  This program provides lots of opportunities. Thus, our clients can undergo ultrasonic examination, echocardiogram, EKG, physiotherapy,X-rays, Holter monitoring, laboratory testing, can have necessary vaccinations and injections, and get control over taking of medications from chronic diseases.

We also provide an oxygen station, connection to the serum system, fluid therapy, care by a nurse and an aid-man, control over and taking individuals with disabilities out. 

That is to say, we provide a whole possible cycle of medical services.

CE: You have mentioned “Mymediks” product. Could you please tell in detail about this?

Bakhtiyar Yaraliyev:  Certainly. “Mymediks” is a membership package of universal medical services combining several areas. “Mymediks” members can benefit from special discounts in the field of medical services provided in our country and outside it. Acquisition of the relevant “Mymediks” card will suffice. 

In parallel with medical examination and treatment, as well as control over health of our members, all data concerning their health is archived. It is an individual base of medical data, which is fully kept in our computer program, while a copy goes to a client. “Mymediks” guarantees full anonymity and confidence of all data that belongs to a client.

In this way, it is possible to use the following services owing to this package: medical check-up, discounts in medical institutions; individual insurance against accidents; arranging a repeated examination for clarifying diagnosis and results of inspection and getting a medical report of a doctor-specialist; delivery of medications to patients’ place; arranging of abroad treatment, translation of medical documentation into foreign languages; sending samples of laboratory tests to labs of foreign countries, etc.

CE: Could you please tell about “Mycare” product….

Bakhtiyar Yaraliyev: Alliance Assist Group is providing medical services to clients who enjoy the right to choose a place where they would like to get this service. According to the opinion of medical experts, the majority of healthcare services can be provided on a non-outpatient basis.  As a result, it only has a positive impact on the service quality. Without wasting time, a patient gets a relevant medical service at a place which he/she finds favorite or comfortable: at home, in the workplace, at summer house and transport facility.

Our company is the first to provide similar complex services in Azerbaijan. “Mycare” assumes intermediation and management functions in this regard. Satisfaction of our customers is our basic priority. We have capacities, a material-technical base and a potential of specialists for it. The name of the “Mycare” product also identifies the nature and intention of our service. Services meeting each period of your life are divided into 4 groups: medical service at home; medical service in the workplace; mother and child care; extreme medical service.

CE: What other interesting projects are implemented by Alliance Assist Group?

Bakhtiyar Yaraliyev:  We have also developed an interesting medical portal It is an online service for search of medications, doctors and medical centers in Azerbaijan. The mission of the project is to raise health literacy among the population.  Lots of medical popular-scientific articles, free consultations of doctors, as well as useful advice and video clips have been placed at the server. We are also implementing a “Medical tourism” program. The main purpose of the program is not only arranging medical inspection and treatment for our citizens in abroad, but also attracting foreigners to Azerbaijan, a country with high quality medical services at lower prices. In this way, we also want to contribute to the development of the tourism potential of our country.


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