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Wednesday, 31 October 2018 17:22

Our enterprise has a very good human and technological capacity – Javid Gashimov Featured

Our enterprise has a very good human and technological capacity – Javid Gashimov

Caspian Energy (CE):Could you please tell about the history and activity of the enterprise?  

Javid Gashimov, Chairman of the Board of Bakielektriktokma OJSC: Bakielektriktokma enterprise (Baku “Elektrotsentralit” plant) was established in 1960. The enterprise was involved in iron shaped casting. Thus, produced were frames of engines for the electric machine industry, special rollers for caterpillar tracks and leading rollers for heavy vehicles. Since 2006 the enterprise has begun production based on modern tubing technologies used in metro construction.


CE: Many enterprises faced challenges after the collapse of the USSR… Has the enterprise managed to overcome them?  

Javid Gashimov: In 2012 I was appointed head of the enterprise which had already been named Bakielektriktokma OJSC. At that period, the enterprise had receivables, problems with bank accounts and collections due to lawsuits.  Due to small demand for iron and aluminum casting, the enterprise functioned with disruptions.

As a result of the restructuring, we managed to pay certain public debts accumulated at that time. Until today, the enterprise has been operating through the dealership of its subsidiaries which do both production and marketing work. These subsidiaries supply us raw materials, equipment, as well as undertake the sales and mechanical handling of manufactured products.

Here I would like to note a big support provided by the State Property Committee of Azerbaijan. Owing to the Committee, the enterprise has got its second wind. Today, Bakielektriktokma is a privatized enterprise.


CE:  What about the staff which Elektrosentralit was famous for in due time?

Javid Gashimov: After the enterprise fell on hard times, some technically outdated facilities were rented to private entrepreneurs. According to the conditions of renting, entrepreneurs were supposed to upgrade facilities, introduce modern technologies and open new working places.

Thus, facing small amount of orders for products, we opened new workshops with the help of entrepreneurs in order to maintain and provide employment for the core staff of the enterprise. When I say the “core staff”, I mean formers, process managers, casters who always were and still are in demand. A decision to open workshops within the area of the enterprise was made to maintain the enterprise and not to let professional workers abandon the facility. Otherwise, it is very difficult to gather such a core team.


CE:  Do you manage to produce qualitative products meeting modern requirements?

Javid Gashimov:  Entrepreneurs who rent our production facilities are producing steel wire (rolled wire) used when constructing buildings or other structures. But due to high requirements of construction companies for produced products, we have never produced armature. This is purely my approach, my requirements…

The leadership of the country, in particular, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev provided big support to the entrepreneurship for developing production meeting modern technologies. Taking into account that armature we produce will not meet required quality standards of products manufactured by its main producers I have prohibited its production. But our workshops follow all the standards and requirements while producing steel and rolled wires.


CE:  What about the environmental norms and regulations?

Javid Gashimov:  Of course there are certain environmental requirements, the so-called ecological passport, existing for production of steel wire. As I have already mentioned, the state has provided all conditions for free activity and development of an entrepreneur. Besides, licenses and certificates for producers were cancelled.

Entrepreneurs who rented certain workshops of the enterprise were producing products meeting acceptable standards. But a smoke steps out when producing rolled steel wire or heating metal up to 1000 degrees. Early in summer when we together with the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources revealed atmospheric emissions beyond the permissible limits, the management of the enterprise, especially me, decided to stop production of steel and rolled wire. The workshops were ordered to install purification and exhaust filters. Operations on changing purification technologies and installation of filters are still ongoing.


CE: Several media reported that production is still ongoing in the enterprise and that black smoke is discharged into the atmosphere. How would you comment that?

Javid Gashimov:  The fact is that production in these workshops has been fully stopped for the last 3-4 months. Therefore, it is very surprising to read in several websites wrong information about continuation of production at workshops and discharge of polluting substances into the atmosphere.

Firstly, it is important to note that certain atmospheric emissions happen at any industrial zones where foundry production is running, which is normal. Secondly, workshops producing steel and rolled wire have stopped operating in months.

Today it is, at least, causing surprise when several media unilaterally mislead a reader and write about continuation of production or atmospheric emissions.

To our regret, some journalists are making biased remarks without doing any monitoring, having any facts or reason-why conclusions and appealing to clarify positions of the opposite side.

I can say in all certainty that these media have not applied to the enterprise, in particular, to me as a Director, for comments. This is, at least, impossible to understand.

It is necessary to bring the truth to the community. Yes, it is an industrial zone and metallurgical facility, and there can be atmospheric emissions during production but in acceptable limits and rates which are observed by our enterprise. Before drawing any conclusions, I would suggest these media to apply and find out a position and an evidence-based response of the enterprise.


CE: Could you please tell about the position of the Ministry of Ecology regarding the enterprise?

Javid Gashimov:The activity of these workshops was suspended in July, when the Ministry of Ecology carried out monitoring and revealed that emissions of heavy smoke into air were above the set norms. The decision was made to prepare environmental passports for these workshops, as well as a list of measures on the premises. Among the commitments made by these workshops was the installation of air exhaust filters by the end of this year. There is still time to complete these works.


CE: How popular are the products of Bakielektriktokma in the country and abroad now?

Javid Gashimov: In Azerbaijan, iron shaped casting is used in many sectors of the economy and by many enterprises. All specific cast iron products, except for steel products, can be produced on the sites of our enterprise. Our subsidiary companies have the relevant contracts with the state-owned and private companies for the production of cast iron products.

Our Company is also ready to accept orders from abroad and, no doubt, will cope with tasks at hand. But given the fact that many countries have their own developed iron production, they usually provide their domestic market with products.

I would like to note once again that Bakielektriktokma currently has a good human and technological base. Shaped cast iron products are our business card.

Our Company is able to supply the whole of Azerbaijan and the neighboring countries of the Caucasus with shaped casting products. Due to our activities there is no need to import these products from abroad, since we can provide products for the entire domestic market.


                                                 Thank you for the interview

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