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Monday, 22 October 2018 17:00

Business success lies in professionalism - Shaig Mirzayev Featured

Business success lies in professionalism - Shaig Mirzayev

Caspian Energy (CЕ): This year AzLegal Consulting International Services ltd. (ALCIS) is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Which stages of development has the Company gone through over the past period? Which results has ALCIS achieved?

Shaig Mirzayev, General Director of AzLegal Consulting International Services ltd.: For the past twenty years I have headed companies engaged in different sectors: the banking sector, the transport sector, I also run theglass manufacturing plant, etc. More recently, I was lucky to head a law firm. I say “lucky” because I am a lawyer by profession and the coincidence of my professional specialization with the held position as a general director of a law firm can only be called luck! Indeed, our Company has been in the legal and advisory services market for 10 years and on October 22, 2018 the Company celebrated its anniversary. So, in October 2008 AzLegal Consulting International Services ltd. (ALCIS) law firm was established to provide legal services for commercial activities of companies engaged mainly in the field of international transportation and international trade.

To date, our Company has notably expanded and diversified its customer base, focusing on highly qualified legal assistance in successful doing business for both legal entities and individual (private) entrepreneurs. We are often contacted on issues related to taxes, migration, property and labor matters, as well as contractual issues. Our task, first of all, is to conduct a legal review and, on the basis of the laws of the country, properly provide a customer client with a “road map”. I would like to note that our customers are mainly private entrepreneurs and commercial organizations, but at the same time we receive cooperation proposals from the government agencies. We are currently working and providing legal services to a number of government agencies. We are also involved in projects supportive of small and medium-sized businesses.

CE: How would you assess the legislative conditions which the state is not introducing for the small and medium business development?

Shaig Mirzayev:  Presently, the legal framework in Azerbaijan fully meets the needs and requirements of the business. The legislative climate is attractive for drawing foreign investments. A number of thought out and well developed laws, meeting the economic policy implemented by the country’s President, have been adopted in recent years. Safe and comfortable climate, in which it is going to function, is of great importance to business. Such climate has been ensured in recent years. I can say with certainty that today’s political and economic situation in the country, measures taken by the leadership of the country, and, of course, a legislative framework make it possible for national and foreign companies to develop actively. Particular development is seen in the field of tourism, agriculture and other production sectors of the country. Owing to the current anti-monopoly policy of the country’s leadership, its updated legal framework, entrepreneurs now can compete freely and develop their business. It is enough to look at the statistics in order to view to what extent the number of registered companies and private entrepreneurs has increased in our country recently. We can bring the customs system as example: there used to be problems facing entrepreneurs before, while now, the situation has fully changed owing to the principal policy of the President and reforms he implements. First of all, a modern, transparent control system has been established in the customs field. Monopoly, which used to limit competition, has been eradicated. Like everywhere else, an anti-corruption fight has been strengthened in the customs field. Comparing the country’s present economy with that of five years ago, positive changes are evident. I think we have realized that it is risky to focus on one sector. I believe the country’s economy must rely on small and medium business. The geographic location of our country and our potential make it possible to develop local production, tourism, agriculture and service sector. The task of a jurist is to explain the laws to entrepreneurs in accessible and appropriate manner, to draft contracts in compliance with all regulations, to carry out legal review in a competent manner, and work out an efficient “road map” that would satisfy all parties of an agreement.  And, of course, our task is to protect interests of clients in administrative or judicial bodies. Azlegal Consulting İnternational Services ltd. is one of those companies which provides clients full legal security to conduct entrepreneurial activity.

CE: How often do you face a situation when a company is not able to protect its interests?

Shaig Mirzayev:  There were interesting cases when a client, facing conflict situations, assumed that his projects and intentions would not come true. Unfortunately, our entrepreneurs tend to study conditions of signed agreements carelessly. As a rule, they read only things written in bigger letters without bothering to go through lines written in smaller letters. It is the very small items which contain certain reservations which both parties ignore or close their eyes on. It is these clarifications or reservations which usually cause serious problems. For instance, one side has hired a subcontractor on basis of the order without reading an agreement till the end. When a subcontractor which is obliged to provide a migrant with a labor visa attracts foreign citizens, this may cause criminal or administrative consequences. One should always read a legal document attentively, cooperate with jurists, financiers which, like a traffic light, indicate a right signal in regard to things that should be done. Our community is becoming more educated and enlightened. The answer to your question “what shall a company do if it is not able to protect its interests?” is simple. It should apply to a lawyer!

CE: Now there are many law firms operating in Azerbaijan. What do you think of the competition?

Shaig Mirzayev: Having a healthy competition is very good. I would like world leading companies to operate in Azerbaijan. Firstly, their experience will let us develop. Secondly, our country is open to foreign investments. Every company has its policy, concept and segment of clients. Foreign companies operating in the market of Azerbaijan are engaged mainly in the financial field (audit, tax consulting, etc). Each company has its own policy to follow. It is focusing beforehand on a business segment in which it has own advantages. Our company is ready and seriously committed to development. We are ready to create a “Club of lawyers” where we can share experience, views, and hold seminars. Presence of foreign or local companies has a positive impact on our company. Frankly speaking, I have a lot of ideas in this regard. For instance, we can invite foreign jurists for a couple of days, who will hold seminars for employees of local companies, promote learning of experience of companies operating for 100 years or over. I think a number of such seminars will change the way people view the national jurisprudence.

CE: What do you consider the secret of success of a law firm?

Shaig Mirzayev:  The secret to success of any company is a professional team, proper management and a wish to work. Hard work aimed at providing competitiveness stands behind success of each business. There can be no success if a person does not love his job and has no professional team at his disposal. A team is the very strength which makes business successful, which can raise business and collapse it. Business success is based on professionalism of people!



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