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Friday, 13 July 2018 17:16

Consistent work is underway to promote export – Teymur Rzayev Featured

Caspian Energy (CE): Mr. Rzayev, could you please tell about the history of creation of Lezzet Food Industry? How has the scope of activity expanded over time?

Teymur Rzayev, Director of Lezzet Food Industry LLC: Lezzet Food Industry Limited Liability Company established in 1995 has overcome a long development path. At first the entrepreneurs of our Company were individually engaged in retail and wholesale buying and selling of everyday goods, while planning to produce high-quality, competitive products in difficult trading conditions. With time making committed efforts in order to achieve the set goals and successfully overcoming all the difficulties, we successfully established the first sugar production line in 1998. We put in place the production of high-quality sugar in accordance with demand and introduced the advanced process equipment in production.

At that time we understood all difficulties of our work, as well as the need to lay a solid foundation for the development of future entrepreneurship. Despite the difficulties, we firmly determined our path and priorities in the field of entrepreneurship, aiming our main activities at the wholesale sale of everyday goods and food production. Keeping on expanding the scope of our activities, in 2004 we established Yaycılı-Yaguboglu Limited Liability Company. Taking into account the population's demand for local products, in 2005 we launched a line for cleaning, frying and sorting agricultural products. Along with the production of lucum, corn sticks and popcorn, it also includes processing and packaging of agricultural products.

In 2006, Yaycılı-Yaguboglu Limited Liability Company was renamed into Lezzet Food Industry Limited Liability Company.

In 2003, the founders of Lezzet Food Industry privatized Babek Sirab Open Joint Stock Company. In 2010, we founded Lezzet Biscuit & Chocolate Factory LLC owing to the government support and with the help of our own investments. Our main purpose was to develop local production and supply people with high-quality wafers and biscuits. The NATI wafer production line at our Company was established in 2011, and NATI cookies production was put in place in 2013.

Attaching great importance to the manufacture of local products, in 2011 Lezzet Food Industry LLC created one more production area – raising and slaughter of broiler chickens. For this purpose Lezzet Broiler LLC was established, being the largest poultry manufacturer in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. It is a modern enterprise with a well-organized and efficient production process.


CE: What achievements have been reached over the past year? What are your plans for the near future?

Teymur Rzayev: Last year was successful for our company both in terms of production of new assortments of products and search for new clients in the domestic and external market. At the same time, “Lezzet Biscuit and Chocolate Factory” LLC has launched a new production line. In our future plans there are such tasks as provision of population with high quality products and meeting of growing demand of consumers in local products by means of launching of new production lines, opening of new working places and increasing of production volume, as well as active involvement in measures aimed at welfare improvement of the population.


CE: What is needed to ensure much broader promotion of products under the “Made in Azerbaijan” brand, including products of Lezzet Food Industry LLC? In which foreign markets are you already operating and which markets do you plan to enter?

Teymur Rzayev: We are making consistent efforts to promote our products under the “Made in Azerbaijan” brand abroad, and to stimulate export. Therefore, it is necessary first to arrange production of competitive and quality products meeting standards, as well as to take part in international exhibitions. The work in this direction is successfully ongoing. At present, we are exporting products to Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Qatar, Iraq, Ukraine, Iran, Kuwait and Georgia. In future, we plan to export products to Central Asian countries as well.


CE: What kind of attention does the Company devote to the quality of produced products?

Teymur Rzayev: Attention and care devoted by the leadership of the country to the entrepreneurship gave a particular impetus to the development of local production. This, in turn, stimulates production of quality and environmentally friendly products.

The success of the entrepreneurial activity is based not only on development of material and technical base of the enterprise, but also in production and provision of high quality products to consumers, as well as proper labeling of produced products which will be in demand on the market. It is what we attach great importance. We products are being produced by equipment, meeting European standards, without any manual handling. Products are being made of quality raw materials in healthy and safe working conditions.

Control over product quality is maintained at all stages of production. Each consignment of raw materials and end products undergoes testing at labs equipped with latest equipment.


CE: Which brands of Lezzet Food Industry enjoy the biggest success among the population?

Teymur Rzayev: I would like to note that each product produced by our enterprise has gained sympathy and high assessments of consumers since the first day of operation of the enterprise. Products made under the “NATI” brand occupy a special place at the market. Far from confining itself to the results reached in this direction, Lezzet Food Industry LLC uses all opportunities in order to supply consumers with quality products meeting high world standards and possessing a competitive price.

Our products differ from others with excellent quality, exquisite taste, ecological pureness and naturalness.



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