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Wednesday, 02 May 2018 17:15

Innovation has been P&G's lifeblood, Değer Kurtaslanoğlu Featured

Caspian Energy (CE): Deger bey, 20 years have passed since the opening of the office of P&G in Azerbaijan. How would you describe the journey towards the success?


Değer Kurtaslanoğlu, Director of P&G Azerbaijan: Indeed, 2018 is a very special year for us, because we are celebrating 20 years of P&G operations in Azerbaijan.  P&G was one of the first big FMCG companies to enter Azerbaijani market. In this long journey, we have brought the firsts to the local market in many categories and continue to bring value-creating innovation. For the past 20 years, we’ve tried to create small but meaningful differences in our consumers’ lives. We’ve always strived to reach the better with our products and social impact projects that improve the lives of Azeri people.


CE: What big impacts have you had to date in Azerbaijan? Can you name some of the biggest projects you have delivered in past 20 years?


Değer Kurtaslanoğlu: For the past 2 decades, we’ve impacted Azerbaijan’s society in many ways with our various projects. We are working to touch and improve the lives of more consumers today and for the generations to come.

Since our early years, as of 1999, P&G implements a “Knowledgeable mother, healthy baby” hospital program under Pampers brand. The aim of the program is to educate new moms on important care guidelines for the newborns, distribute product samples to them and provide moms with a pediatrician support through a hotline. We have reached and educated over 871,000 moms since the launch of the program.

Another educational program we have in place since 1999 is Puberty education with Always project for teen girls. The project is supported by Public Health and Reforms Center of the Ministry of Health and the Reliable Future Youth Organization. The aim of the program is to educate 6th and 7th grade girls at schools about the important changes their physique and mentality is undergoing and provide them with a professional support through the dedicated hotline. Since the start, we have improved lives of over 500,000 girls of our country.


Since its launch in Azerbaijan our Pampers-UNICEF program has contributed a lot to raising vaccines for UNICEF’s global maternal and baby neonatal program. The Azeri consumers have rallied to support this cause through their in-store purchases – for every pack of Pampers they purchased we donated one vaccine.

We supported Azerbaijan national team in London Olympics in 2012, followed by a nation-wide road trip to spread sport spirit in all regions of the country. In May 2014 P&G signed a sponsorship agreement with BEGOC and became the first sponsor of the 1st European Games held in Azerbaijan. As of April 2015, we launched the biggest ever campaign for P&G in Azerbaijan promoting sports spirit alongside with appreciation of our moms’ role in who we grow up to become – “For my mom!”. During the games, P&G opened its beauty salon in the Athletes Village and offered beauty services to all the local and international athletes and built a big “For my mom” zone with several sports zones and kids zone in Baku Boulevard as well, attracting thousands of people with an engaging platform every day. In 2016, we supported Azerbaijan National team in Baku Islamic Solidarity Games, sharing the pride and happiness of the 1st place.

As part of our social responsibility strategy we regularly engage with communities in need via joint social programs or through product donations to various structures, such as orphanages, penitentiary, domestic violence survivor shelters, so that communities in need can enjoy the comforts of home no matter their circumstances. In 2011, we provided more than 11,000 clean clothes for kids in need for Nowruz holiday with Ariel “Clean like new” campaign organized in partnership with a National Parent-Teacher association. In 2016, we have closely worked with SOS Children Villages in Azerbaijan and donated a good portion of P&G products Azerbaijan sales to the children.


CE: How do you see P&G’s role in our economy?


Değer Kurtaslanoğlu: First, I’d like to underline, that P&G Azerbaijan is a good corporate citizen always investing back in the community. Since start of our operations here, we’ve built partnerships and launched significant projects to contribute to the development of many spheres of economy, where the government also focuses, specifically education, health and sports.  

As of 2012, we’ve declared our long-term partnership with National Olympic Committee of Azerbaijan Republic, supporting the development of sports in the country via many important events as mentioned in previous question.

P&G Azerbaijan is a major economic player in the country, being the biggest investor in TV Media market. We create over 700 direct and indirect jobs in Azerbaijan, including our office, partners and agencies. We import over 1000 trucks per year with increasing fill rate annually. We work to produce environmentally friendly products, minimize consumption of resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions during the transportation of our final products.


CE: Does the company plan to introduce new brands on the Azerbaijani market?


Değer Kurtaslanoğlu: Innovation has always been - and continues to be - P&G's lifeblood. We are passionate about serving Azeri consumers today and into the future. Committed to serving every consumer with our brands. We have brought the firsts to Azerbaijani market in many categories and will of course continue to bring value-creating innovation. Some of our innovations to mention are:

  • Fairy Dishwasher Tablets: Reduced environmental footprint with non-phosphate formula and improved performance
  • Always Platinum: The first pad with soft and protective side barriers
  • Pampers Active Baby: The first diaper with "Absorbent Channel Technology" in Azerbaijan
  • Pampers Premium Care: 5-star skin protection with ultra-thinness, dryness, suitability, protection and comfort
  • Pantene Smart Pro-V: Finds the weak spots in hair and adapts to give the right conditioning to hair
  • Head & Shoulders Men Ultra: Developed by ZPT technology, provides high performance with amplified zinc
  • Head & Shoulders Women: Moistening, protecting and cleansing 3 effect formula for women
  • Blend-a-med 3D White Luxe Perfection: Stain dissolving particles technology to unlock trapped surface stains on teeth and protect against new stains
  • Gillette Fusion PROGLIDE: FlexBall™ technology responds to contours of face


CE: Which projects, workshops and events do you plan to hold in Azerbaijan in the nearest future?


Değer Kurtaslanoğlu: We are committed to continue our ongoing projects in the sphere of education for the generations to come, like we’ve done since start of operations here. We are also keen on continuing sports support in Azerbaijan and plan several projects for this in the nearest future. And of course, we are not stopping our CSR project and will keep contributing to the society. We’ve been serving the women and men of Azerbaijan with globally leading brands and regionally relevant projects for 20 years and will keep doing so.

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