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Tuesday, 24 April 2018 15:30

It is the German top-quality in everything,Andrey Taranushich Featured

Caspian Energy (CE): To which segment of the market does Veka Company belong to?

Andrey Taranushich, Commercial Director VEKA Rus / UA, Head of Representation of VEKA Rus Ltd. of the Rebublic of Azerbaijan: VEKA Company is the largest world producer of window and door systems out of special high quality plastic. Our roots come from Germany where our major plant and head office are located. But we are operating all over the world. Thousands of window companies in more than 70 countries are producing splendid window and doors, designed for any climate and architectural taste, out of VEKA profiles. In spite of the scope of our business, VEKA continues staying a family company managed by an owner. It guarantees our financial stability and helps us make decisions quickly. As far as the segments which we work with are concerned, it can be any segment starting from immovable property right up to exclusive villas. And of course, we are working actively in the field of renovation and modern architecture as VEKA systems easily meet the demands of the strictest architect and faultfinding customer.

CE: The Company is a subsidiary of the German Company VEKA AG, and for over 16 years has been producing modern materials used for making finished windows out of PVC. How many years has VEKA been operating on the Azerbaijani market?

Andrey Taranushich: VEKA has been operating in Azerbaijan since 1992. The official representation has opened since 2011. Here, we are offering German high quality profiles. This is our principle and this is the way we work in all countries. Our consecutive position in this area has let us prove ourselves as one of the flagships of the Azerbaijan market.

CE: Could you please tell about the success the company gained in production?

Andrey Taranushich: VEKA is the biggest producer of PVC-profiles meant for production of windows and doors in the world.  In Germany and European countries, we are possessing the most significant market share among all producers. We are also leaders in the majority of the former USSR countries. It is not surprising because VEKA has become the first western extrusion-type company which open a full-fledge full production in Russia – first in Moscow and then in Novosibirsk. The entire process starting from the development of new profile systems, selection of formulation components, preparation of raw material and production of the profile itself is kept under constant control of the central-office company and German technology experts.  Permanent work over the assortment is extremely important so that to provide each partner with efficient opportunities to work with the most complicated architectural projects. So is the introduction of new technologies.

CE: Which new technologies are planned to be applied?

Andrey Taranushich: Innovations are one of the typical features of VEKA. We are developing constantly and seeking new solutions which would give our partners competitive advantages, provide architects and designers new ways of realizing of their projects and ideas, and let end users get qualitative windows protecting their houses from loss of heat and harmful noises. I mean solutions which simply would be beautiful and mark the distinctness of each building. To solve these tasks we are permanently developing our profile systems each generation of which excels the previous one. These are programs such as Softline 82, Artline 82, VEKASLIDE and the entire number of others. It is important to permanently focus on the window design, introduce new decorative elements and colors. VEKA Spectral is one of the marked innovations, a technology developed by our specialists and making the top surface of the profile and window look in a fresh new way. It is different to the touch and has a distinct silky structure. In spite of the efficient grew color, Spectral profiles do not warm up in the sun which is very important for hot climate regions, including Azerbaijan.

Besides, they are very resistant to all types of environmental effect. Noteworthy are also innovations in the field of cooperation with the construction community, for instance BIM technologies where we are pioneers in the entire territory of the former USSR.

CE: What was the impact of the economic reforms on the work of the company?

Andrey Taranushich: VEKA window technologies make it possible to reduce heating expenditures twice as much, while in summer they prevent overheating of the room owing to its high insulating properties and a possibility to apply the most modern transparent assemblies. The reforms ongoing in Azerbaijan stimulate all consumers, from physical entities right up to construction companies, to take power saving measures. We have seen it in the demand change. Nowadays, energy saving solutions enjoy broader demand than before.  Besides, the reforms stimulate an entrepreneurial activity, including the construction field, which has a positive impact on the demand for products of our partners. To our regret, the competitive situation remains the same as customers are told that “all windows are the same”. But I am confident that we will manage to change the situation and acquaint consumers with the truth about windows.

CE: Who is the main customer of your company? With which companies do you cooperate?

Andrey Taranushich: VEKA is cooperating with all companies starting from small right up to transnational ones. We do not exclude any company because we have profiles and technologies for all business formats, for any climate and architectural concept. Our direct partners are those who buy our products. They are specialized window enterprises operating independently and within the construction holdings. They have one common thing: they all undergo a thorough technological audit held by us and offer a consumer extremely high-quality windows and doors.

CE: Could please tell the recipe of success gained by your company?

 Andrey Taranushich: We always tell the truth. We don’t need to be insincere and pretend. VEKA implies honesty and openness. It is the German top-quality in everything, be it a product, service, logistics and marketing. For us, the priority is to make happiness appear in the eyes of an end user, as well as the pride of our partners, I mean their being pride of working with us. It is very hard to deserve, but it is the very valuable and important thing for us.


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