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Friday, 20 April 2018 15:00

Azerbaijan’s regional leadership is impossible without leadership in the field of innovations, Rasim Ibrahimov Featured

Caspian Energy (CE): Which products do you supply to our market? What is the production potential of your company?

Rasim Ibrahimov, Director of SPECTRA: SPECTRA Company started operating in 2011 as a supplier of traditional computer facilities and software. But we always found our business as a base to develop our potential in areas considered as world strategic lines of development of information technologies. Our company has already specialized in Internet of things, geomatics and geoinformation systems and video surveillance analysis.  In Azerbaijan we are official representatives of such companies as Bentley Systems, PTC, Carlson Software, Macroscop. Speaking about a production potential, I would like to note that we are developing several projects which envisage production of high-tech products for the Azerbaijani market. Without going into details, I can say that these projects are mainly based on Internet of things technologies, and meant particularly for the agriculture. Considering the developing local production base, as well as the openness of the modern world economy, we see no problems in reaching targeted production volumes of such products.



CE: Do you think that Azerbaijan can become a platform to develop innovative technologies which shall prevail in future? What do you think is needed for that? Which legal, investment, economic conditions have to be created for local high-technology companies?

Rasim Ibrahimov: In order to stay a regional leader, Azerbaijan shall certainly lead in the field of innovations as well. We should use the potential of our major economic sectors such as oil industry, agriculture and tourism as some magnet attracting all the latest innovations. At the same time, it is necessary to create conditions in order to fully apply own local resources during introduction of new technologies. It is no secret that preference in large engineering projects is often given to foreign specialists while local engineers remain on the sidelines. It may result in the outflow of the qualified human resources and weakening of the technological potential of the country.

On the other hand, our education system shall be more targeted at the real market, actualize knowledge and skills conveyed to students. It is necessary to have students-graduates ready to come to a real business and share their skills of handling the most advanced equipment. Realizing the necessity of much deeper integration of education and economy, SPECTRA Company has been cooperation with a number of universities of Azerbaijan for several years in order to increase the rate of application of the latest information technologies at educational processes. We are sure that the cooperation is beneficial for all sides. In addition to the abovementioned, an availability of preference regime (particularly tax preferences) for companies engaged in innovations is playing an important role to stimulate the development of the high-technology sector. Our country is already making certain steps in this direction. I am sure that our state’s policy aimed at supporting innovations is long-term and our country will have its say here as well. However, it does not rule out a necessity of learning and using an experience of countries which have already succeeded in this area. 

CE: What shall be the role of the private sector in this regard?

Rasim Ibrahimov: A competition in the private sector is a strong stimulator for searching the ways to increase an efficiency of work, open new directions and enter new markets. New technologies are playing a significant role in solution of the most of such tasks. Businessmen must be more active in attracting talented youth, educational institutions and scientific organizations to develop their enterprises, and not be afraid of trying new approaches and technologies. If no measures are taken now, then there is a high risk that your business will lose competitiveness tomorrow. In the meantime, such interest of business in new technologies will encourage creative and enterprising people to generate new ideas more actively and create new products. Achievements made in this direction on the local market can be successfully introduced beyond a country as well.

CE: Which projects have you implemented successfully so far and which ones do you still plan to implement?  

Rasim Ibrahimov As I mentioned above, until later our main commercial activity was associated with a supply of equipment and software. We would like to note successful software projects on computer-aided design and construction of complex facilities such as oil refineries, offshore platforms and different infrastructure objects. Our portfolio possesses the broadest scope of solution almost for all areas of the engineering. I especially would like to note that by using solutions we offer, design companies can handle challenging projects efficiently in accordance with the highest world standards and be competitive in the market. The software we offer lets realize BIM ideology (Building Information Modeling) successfully, which means a process of collective creation and use of a digital model of an object (building, facility, etc). Such approach in designing has recently become a world standard and is practiced by a number of countries on a state level.

At present, we attach more attention to our own developments applying the most advanced world technology trends. Thus, we have successfully developed and implemented a pilot project for agriculture, which represents a hardware and software complex for a remote monitoring of soil condition and the environment.

We have also developed a geo-information system for an interactive working with thematic maps. This system can be broadly used in education and science, as well as in the field of culture and tourism.  

CE: Is it planned to carry out a joint cooperation with any corporations?

Rasim Ibrahimov: We plan to develop cooperation with such giants of the IT industry as Microsoft and IBM to fully use these companies’ leadership in technology so that to implement our own strategic road map. It is no secrte that most of the leading companies of this industry develop and actively implement their own strategies on basis of the most promising lines of development of information technologies such as internent of things or cloud-based computing. We are trying to follow the major world tendencies, study thoroughly and actively apply an experience of world technology leaders to develop our solutions and products. 

CE: What could you say about your long-term plans?

Rasim Ibrahimov: Practically all technologies that I talked about above, have a long-term perspective on a global scale. We plan to develop chosen directions, but we don’t want to be confined to them. Thus, we find Augmented Reality solutions a logic continuation for the development of the Internet of things. We also have a big interest in Blockchain technology which helps to develop very interesting solutions for different areas of activity. In one word, we see our mission in offering the most advanced solutions and products to the market, and finally promote the efficiency growth and economic competitiveness of our country.

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