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Tuesday, 10 April 2018 18:00

Opening of a new enterprise entails a new sales market, Sevda Yusubova Featured

 Caspian Energy (CE): You are a founder of the Eastern Chemical Company – Baku LLC, one of the biggest traders on import and export of chemical products. Could you please tell a little bit about yourself?

Sevda Yusubova, Founder of the Eastern Chemical Company-Baku LLC: I was born and grew up in the city of Gardabani (Georgia). From 1980 till 1985, I studied at the Azerbaijan Pedagogical Institute of the Russian Language and Literature named after M.F. Akhundov, where I was doing a public work. In 1982 I was elected as a delegate to the 19th congress of theAll-Union Leninist Young Communist LeagueHeydar Aliyev was also among the members of the Azerbaijani delegation. I am proud that I had a chance to listen to the instructions and directions he gave us, the delegates of the congress.

After graduating the institute, I came back to Georgia where I started working a teacher. I was in Gardabani when I heard about the tragic events happened in Baku on the 20th of January 1990. As a mark of protest at the actions of the Kremlin, I burnt the party membership card at the city meeting for what the governing authorities of the region and republic chased me long. It is hard to remember those events.

As far as the company is concerned, I should say that it was founded by my late husband who made a lot of efforts in order to bring the firm up to the present level. I took charge in 2015. It had been a long time before I understood that business cannot be built on emotions or feelings.

СЕ: The company you head was established in 2004. Which projects has the company implemented throughout these years and what could you tell about the short-term and long-term plans?

Sevda Yusubova: Over the years of operation, the Company has changed enormously. We have subsidiary firms in Georgia and Turkey. We have created our own motor car park out of tens of special vehicles meant for transportation of acids and alkalis.

A facility designed for storage of products has been built.

The Company has long-term licenses for supply and export of precursors.

We have high-skilled employees, drivers who took special trainings. The company also conducts charity events. It is not a complete list of what has been done in 13 years.

As far as the prospects are concerned, it is noteworthy that we are trying to keep abreast with the times as it is changing too fast. Azerbaijan is no longer a country it has been before. Nowadays, it is a strong and self-sufficient state. The economy has grown and become stronger. Perfect conditions have been created for the entrepreneurship development. A small and medium business is developing which led to the growth of the competition at the sales market. It is an extra incentive for us. We are trying to raise our competitiveness, offering high service level to customers.  Eastern Chemical Company-Baku LLC is supplying chemical products from Russia to Azerbaijan and Georgia. Price regulation, timely delivery of goods to a consumer right to an enterprise, using own resources, are things distinguishing us from other companies. In the near future, we plan to extend the sales market by increasing an assortment of supplied products.

СЕ: How does the opening of new plants in the republic impact your work?

Sevda Yusubova: Opening of a new enterprise entails a new sales market and this market should be taken on first. Almost all enterprises of Azerbaijan using chemical substances are holding tenders for purchase of products. We are trying to participate in them. A worthy party usually becomes a winner.  To our regret, many violations are seen both in the course of preparation for the tender, its conduction and evaluation. But it is a separate matter.

СЕ: New international flights are opening now. Does it somehow help to expand the market?

Sevda Yusubova: While creating the Eastern Chemical Company-Baku LLC, a decision to work only with the Russian enterprises was made. 13 years have passed and the Company still remains committed to its principles. Besides, the chemical products of Russia are considered one of the most qualitative ones in the world.  

СЕ: Do you supply it to Europe and Turkey?

Sevda Yusubova: Yes, we have a subsidiary company in Turkey. As to Europe, we are holding negotiations on some issues. We hope to obtain positive results.

СЕ: If you withstand the competition in the neighbor markets, why don’t you try to enter remote markets?

Sevda Yusubova: We periodically receive proposals from the far-abroad countries. Unfortunately, they are not coming permanently. Despite this, we are trying to meet all inquiries. It lets us gain additional experience and profits as wells.

СЕ: We know that your Company cooperates with the glass producing companies. How profitable is glass recycling now?

Sevda Yusubova: I know that feedstock for glass production is not cheap. I cannot say to what extent processing is more profitable than production. One thing I can say is that there are a lot of glass containers now. I think specialists in this area should think about this.

СЕ: Do not you have plans to join this business?

Sevda Yusubova: No, this is not our field of activity. Everyone must do what he/she can do at his/her best. Otherwise, there will be no results. This applies not only to business.

СЕ: What do you think about eco-friendly chemicals production on bio-raw materials, which is being put in place around the globe now?

Sevda Yusubova: The ensure transition of production processes to bio-raw materials is today one of the key ambitions of the modern research area “green chemistry”. Biofuels and bioproducts are produced with the help of various processes.

As a head of the chemical company, I can say that this is to the detriment of our activities. But as a person, as a resident of the Planet Earth, I am all for shifting to bio-raw materials. We must preserve nature for our descendants. So, there is nothing more important than that.


СЕ: What impact have the reforms in the country had on your Company’s activities?

Sevda Yusubova: We are grateful to the President of Azerbaijan, Mr. Ilham Aliyev, for his attention to problems of medium and small businesses, for the implemented reforms the results of which we feel in our activities. In particular, the government has weakened regulatory functions over the private business. The tax regime has been facilitated, enabling us to remain open and honest taxpayers even in the most difficult period and to survive the devaluation of the Azerbaijani manat. The Company was suffering huge losses every day, because deliveries could not be stopped and the contract price of goods could not be changed due to the certain commitments. The financial turnover of our Company halved last year vs. the year 2016. The situation has stabilized now. The payment system for customs duties through the government portal has been simplified, and online registration of cargo customs declarations has been put in place as well. The activated Asan Imza mobile service is very helpful in our work. We have no complaints about the customs service. True, one day we faced a technical problem with the customs. We were very pleased to get a solution to it during the meeting with Chairman of the State Customs Committee Aydin Aliyev held by the Caspian European Club. Today, when the manat exchange rate has stabilized, it is easier for us to plan large deliveries and timely implement them.

СЕ: Once the BTK route is commissioned, will it affect in any way the Company's turnover?

Sevda Yusubova: No. We benefit from the well established cooperation with ADY Express. In Georgia, we work only with Rustavi Azot JSC. If in the future we have an opportunity to work with other companies of Georgia located along the BTK railroad, then, of course, the Company's turnover will increase.

СЕ: Could you please tell about your expectations for the year 2018?

Sevda Yusubova: Me, personally, I expect great changes. The economy of the country has gained good momentum. The SOCAR Carbamide Plant is expected to be commissioned soon, and AzerFloat Glass Factory will be opened as well. And these are the new possibilities, new contracts. We will wait for new tenders.


СЕ: Thank you for your time! We wish you great successes and new achievements!

Sevda Yusubova: Thank you for giving me the opportunity to tell about the plans, prospects and for the kind words!


Thank you for the interview!

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