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Monday, 26 March 2018 12:15

The year 2018 will be even more productive and sink into mind with new projects, Director of Technogym Vasif Akhadov Featured

Caspian Energy (CE): Mr. Akhadov, could you please elaborate on when and how the history of opening the representative office of the largest fitness equipment brand started in Azerbaijan?

Vasif Akhadov, Director of Technogym: Our Company has been working in the sports equipment market of Azerbaijan since 1991. The development of our Company is a reflection of the development of our independent state since 1993, when the national leader Heydar Aliyev became the head of our state. Since then our country has been experiencing the positive changes in all areas and sectors, and in the sports sector in particular. At the same time the appointment of the distinguished President Ilham Aliyev to the role of the head of the National Olympic Committee in 1998 strengthened the development of sports and the sports infrastructure across the country. We witnessed the pace at which the development was ongoing and the attention paid in the past and being paid now to the sport and physical education of the citizens of our country. Numerous sports facilities, successes of our athletes at international tournaments and at the Olympic Games, as well as hosting lots of international tournaments and games at the Olympic level is the proof of this. As the logical outcome of this strategic policy of the head of state, he touched upon small and medium-sized businesses engaged in the sports sector. With the improved economic strength of our young state, the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, the growth of the purchasing power of ordinary citizens, it became necessary in our business to move to a qualitatively new level and import the best and brand-new equipment to Azerbaijan. And we made our choice in favour of the industry-leading Italian brand Technogym.


CE: How long has Technogym's office been working in Azerbaijan? How did the year 2017 end for the Company? Could you please tell about plans and expectations for 2018?

Vasif Akhadov: Our Company has been the official distributor of Technogym in Azerbaijan and Georgia since 2005 and in the same year we opened our first showroom and office in Baku on Heydar Aliyev Avenue. Ten years later, in June 2015, we opened our new showroom, which has been designed by the Italian architects and complies with the standards of Technogym showrooms in such cities as Milan, Vienna, New York, Madrid and Moscow. It is located in the prestigious shopping center Port Baku Mall. President of Technogym Nerio Alessandri with his delegation, Chief Operating Officer of European Games Simon Clegg, as well as representatives of the Ministry of Sports, famous athletes, and public figures of the republic attended the opening ceremony of our showroom. The year 2017 was also quite fruitful and we implemented many projects. However, we believe that the year in 2018 will be even more productive and sink into mind with new projects.


CE: As known, Fitness and Wellness School was founded by Technogym in 2002. Do you plan a similar project in Azerbaijan?

Vasif Akhadov: We plan to create a similar educational resource in the near future. But already in 2016 we focused on improving the professional level of our coaches. To that end, in April 2016 we hosted the Master Training Event at the Aquatic Center, where the gym has the most technologically-advanced equipment having no equals. The training course was conducted by the world-class coach David Hovatson from the UK. 35 local coaches attended the training course and received the relevant certificates. During the training course David Hovatson selected 10 most promising coaches and starting from 2017 our Company has been sending them in a team of 3-4 people to the head office of the Company in the city of Cesena. In Cesena, they pass a one-week training course and after passing several levels of examinations receive a worldwide recognized certificate. Already 4 coaches received this certificate, and in March 2018 the second group of 3 people will be sent for training. We sponsor all these events, which are aimed at improving the professional level of our coaches and raising the level of education within the fitness community of Azerbaijan.


CE: Technogym has become the official supplier of the Olympic Games once again. Could you please tell about the history of the Company's cooperation with major sporting events, which were held in Azerbaijan? Which events do you plan to host?

Vasif Akhadov: Technogym has been the official supplier of all Olympic Games since 2000. Our Company provided the Olympic Village, as well as all sports facilities, where the competitions took place, with Technogym equipment. An Olympic village, as well as all sports facilities which hosted the First European Games Baku 2015 and Islamic Solidarity Games 2017, and were in need of fitness machines, was supplied with Technogym equipment through our company. I would like to note that almost a 20 year work experience with the Olympic sportsmen let us gain experience and knowledge to improve equipment, considering the requirements and comments of the best sportsmen of the planet. Therefore, “Champions train with Technogym” is one of them main mottos of the Company. Our equipment is applied in the best sports clubs and federations all over the world. Azerbaijan where the best sports clubs and Football, Box, Wrestling, Gymnastics, Swimming and Shooting sport federations, as well as football clubs such Karabakh, Neftchi and others are equipped with our equipment.


CE: In which countries is Technogym operating and what is the rate of sale of the fitness equipment in Azerbaijan compared to other countries?

Vasif Akhadov:  The Company was established in 1984 in the Italian city of Cesena and has an over 30-year history. The Company has representative offices in more than 120 countries and is a leader in terms of quality equipment and service

I don’t want to compare our industry with the European countries where the market is specific and differs from our market where the number of the population involved is much higher. But in comparison with the former Soviet countries, Azerbaijan is in the list of leaders together with Russia and Ukraine. We often pass ahead of them in terms of many indicators.

Population’s involvement in fitness and selection of a healthy lifestyle is growing year by year.

We see that in the quantity of new fitness clubs and the rate of sale of home use equipment.  Considering global tendencies in our industry, a balanced and stable development of our state, we are confident that our market will grow year by year. We find it very promising and dynamic. As I have already noted, we are leader among the post-soviet republics and are pretty ahead of other countries of the region.


CE: Could you please tell the distinguishing features of the Technogym trademark among its competitors?

Vasif Akhadov: As I have already noted, the Company was founded in Italian city of Cesena, so the production is also based in Italy. A grandiose opening ceremony of the new factory took place in 2012 with the participation of the President of Italy Giorgio Napolitano, former US President Bill Clinton, as well as about 50 public officials and public figures of Italy, USA and Europe.  The concept of the factory represents a harmony with the environment and a healthy lifestyle philosophy. Green technologies have been broadly applied here and there are all conditions provided for comfortable working and rest of the personnel. I mentioned all this because a main distinguishing feature is that the equipment is produced in Italy and features perfect quality.


As is known, as early as the Renaissance era, Italy was famous for its artists, sculptors, architects and engineers. So it is not surprising that Technogym, as an Italian brand, combines perfect combination of engineering innovations in tandem with a beautiful design. Only Technogym is producing home equipment designed by the well-known modern-age industrial designer Antonio Citterio. It is not only simply a fitness machine but a work of art.

There are over 250 specialists working in the design department of the Company. Besides, when making surveys, the Company involves leading institutions in the field of sports, medicine, engineering and computer technologies. As we have already noted, experience in conduction of the Olympic Games and cooperation with the Olympians have a favorable impact on creation of innovations and improvement of existing equipment. These factors provide the company with the largest range of products, taking into account biomechanics, kinematics and digital components of equipment. It is an important factor which makes Technogym unreachable for competitors.

The company’s philosophy is aimed at improving life quality of people through sports. Special developed programs which one can download on his/her smart phone and Wellness on the Go ecosystem make it possible to control one’s physical activity regardless of the location, as well as improve self-feeling and health.

After-sales equipment service is one of the key factors. The head office of the Company and our company, as a brand representative, are laying a special emphasis on it. I would like to note that it is only our company possesses professional service personnel, as well as a storehouse for spare parts. This factor gives more reliability and confidence in marketable products.

There are many advantages differing Technogym from competitors, but I tried to highlight the main ones which make our brand number one in the whole world and the reasons making it the best choice.







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