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Thursday, 25 January 2018 17:00

Our ambition is to make it easier for customers to do their business, Namig Hajiyev Featured

Caspian Energy (CE): Mr. Hajiyev, could you please tell about the Company’s development in 2017 and your plans for 2018?

Namig Hajiyev, General Director of Yagmur-2: The past 2017 was quite successful for the Company. We overcame new challenges, which enriched our experience. We had interesting projects. I would like to highlight the Almonds Watering Project. This is a very large project for us. The works are still ongoing there. The customers intend to increase the planting area, and work is already underway in this area.

At the same time we had many other projects in different regions of the country. It is nice to work, especially when you see progress made after a certain time. I would like to note that nowadays our investors shy away from increasing the initial investment, which complicates the process to a certain extent. Here one should take into account such moments as, for example, when a tree gets bigger it requires more and more water. So, it is necessary to dismantle the system and install it again, although these moments, of course, could be taken into account at the very beginning.

“It is needed not to choose cheap services, but a stable company” and this is the most important thing.

The only plans for 2018 are to develop and justify the trust of companies.


CE: Which macroeconomic factors have positive and which ones negative effects on the Company's operation?

Namig Hajiyev: Macroeconomic figures directly do not have a serious influence on our operations. But, like any company importing materials from abroad, the cost of foreign currency affects our prices. This is the reason why sharp fluctuations create discomfort for our operations. 


CE: Which incentives, created by the Government of Azerbaijan to boost the development of agriculture, does the Company benefit from?

Namig Hajiyev: The Companyenjoys the fact that as a result of the policy and support of the state more and more people are getting engaged in agriculture. And planting respectively needs proper irrigation. After all, crop yield primarily depends on this.


CE: How popular are the Company's products on both local and foreign markets today?

Namig Hajiyev: The Company’s products and services are quite popular, since in recent years the agricultural sector in the country has been developing at a faster pace. The state pays much attention to the development of this sector because the priority for Azerbaijan now is the development of the non-oil sector and promotion of the “Made in Azerbaijan” brand.


CE: Are you satisfied with the incentives created in the country for the development of small and medium-sized businesses? What would you like the Government to pay special attention to?

 Namig Hajiyev: Considering the recent changes in the country, including the easing of the state control over businesses, I am satisfied with the undertaken measures and extent my gratitude to the government for the attention paid to the work of the private sector. The procedures have become more transparent, and the process itself easier. However, there are some issues, which, if changed, will make it easier to please customers. This is, of course, the matter of customs duties, since we import goods.


CE: Will the new Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railroad help to expand the Company’s markets?

Namig Hajiyev: I would not say that this route will help to expand the markets, since this is not still included in the Company's plans. However, given that Turkey is the main supplier for us, and including the transit role of this country, this route notably simplifies the matter of transport operations.


CE: Which new technologies does the Company use in its work? Does the Company use renewable energy sources and energy-saving technologies?

Namig Hajiyev: Obviously, the principle of work and activity of our Company is based on brand-new technologies, including the use of renewable energy sources. The main focus for us is automatic watering. Our ambition is to make it easier for customers to do their business by installing special controllers for irrigation management. In this way they save both time and money, since “smart irrigation” reduces water consumption. We mainly use solar energy. As an example, I can mention a water ozonator in water bodies, which works on solar panels, also solar panels, which we use to generate electricity used in electromagnetic valves.



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