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Thursday, 14 December 2017 15:30

Companies-producers have to set new tasks and objectives implying search of foreign markets, Asad Nasrullaev Featured

Caspian Energy (CE): Could you please tell about the range of products you offer? What is their purpose?

Asad Nasrullaev, General Director of Debet Uniform: Operationsat various industrial sites and enterprises are always associated with a wide range of dangers to human health and life. Therefore, according to the established standards, each of these companies should have security measures for workers of all categories. In other words, all workplaces must meet the labor safety requirements. At the same time all employees of a firm, whose work is associated with risk, should be provided with necessary personal protective equipment.

What is personal protective equipment? Personal protective equipment is the equipment used by an employee to prevent or reduce the impact of harmful and dangerous production factors. In other words, these are specially designed devices, gear, agents, etc., which are intended to protect a person from harmful external factors. Usually personal protective equipment is divided into the following groups: Head Protection; Eye and Face Protection; Hearing Protection; Respiratory Protection; Body Protection (work clothes); Foot Protection. They are also subdivided into risk groups, for example: Protection Equipment for Offshore Operations; Fall Arrest Equipment; Protection Equipment for Roadworks, etc.

As you can see, the range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is quite wide. Debet Uniform offers the full range of PPE and is the official distributor of many of the world's leading manufacturers in this field.

CE: Could you please tell about successes your Company has achieved over 20 years of operation?

Asad Nasrullaev: Given the entire period of the Company's formation, of course there were moments that can be called success. They include, for example: Our products’ first certification for compliance with the European standards in 2006; Signing the contract with BP Caspian Sea Exploration in 2007 for supplying personal protective equipment in Azerbaijan and Georgia; Establishing our subsidiary company Debet Georgia in Georgia in 2008; ISO 9001:2008 certification (Quality Management System) in 2013 (and later ISO 9001:2015 certification in 2015); Signing the Partnership Agreement with DuPont in 2015 within the framework of the Nomex® Partner Programme. The brightest event of 2017 was the opening of the new production and warehouse.

CE: You said your products are meeting European standards. Do you intend to offer your products in the European market?

Asad Nasrullayev: The Company is producing special-purpose working clothes: fireproof, antistatic clothes, high-visibility clothing, waterproof clothing, as well as clothes possessing a number of other features. All these products have been certified in accordance with the European standards for special purpose working clothes. That is to say our products passed the tests in the accredited laboratories of Europe and got the following certificates: EN ISO 11612 (fireproof clothes), EN 1149 (electrostatic properties), EN ISO 20471 (high-visibility clothes), EN 343 (rain protection).

As you see, we have the products which can be offered at the external market. At present we are exporting goods to Georgia and Turkmenistan. In the future we plan to expand the markets and the volume of sold products.

CE: What kind of support do you get from the state as carrier of “made in Azerbaijan” brand?

Asad Nasrullayev: The order signed by President Ilham Aliyev in October 2016 about the promotion of the “Made in Azerbaijan” brand in foreign markets and developmentof export became a signal to local producers. In my opinion the essence of this message was that companies-producers have to set new tasks and objectives implying search of foreign markets, survey of the needs of these markets, determining the competitiveness of manufactured products compared to that of foreign ones, active engagement in discussion of issues concerning the development of business in this direction, etc. The role of the state does not imply lending support to a concrete company or a concrete product. The role of state is to create conditions which will let business develop successfully. In this regard I would like to note that Caspian Energy journal often organizes meetings of business and government agency representatives where businessmen can get straight answers to questions which are of interest to them. As a participant of such meetings, I would like to thank your journal for arranging such events.

CE: Shall we dwell on “made in Azerbaijan” brand? What is the content of products produced by Debet Uniform under this brand?

Asad Nasrullayev: First of all, “made in Azerbaijan” word combination is used for awareness-raising. As a producer, we are obliged to indicate a producer and a place of a product production. The entire fire resistant clothing is produced under the Firefort® trademark which has been registered by our company. The clothing produced out of Nomex® fabric takes pride of place in this line. As I mentioned, by signing a contract with DuPont in 2016, which is a producer of innovative products and materials, we joined the Nomex Partner Program. This program helps to choose a reliable supplier of qualitative protection clothing and combines carefully selected producers whose products meet the highest quality standards. That is to say that along with the certification based on the European EN ISO 11612 and EN 1149 standards, our clothing from Nomex® was also tested for quality and compliance at laboratories of DuPont. I am also proud to note that we are one of the few companies which officially use Nomex® trademark on clothing it produces.

CE: Does the company carry out a work on brand recognition?

Asad Nasrullayev: Yes. It is one of the tasks which should always be in the center of attention. Certain work has been carried out in this direction. But there is still a lot left to be done. Development of new brands, new models, use of new innovative products in production, market research, assessment of competitiveness and many other issues are always topical. Another moment is that each product ensuring protection from certain risks should have information about its protection properties. All protective clothes we produce have information in Azeri, Russian and English languages will help a user to understand from which risks and how well this product protects him/her, in which cases it should be changed, how a product should be kept in order to preserve its protection properties, etc. I would like to note that our company has made a certain contribution to the development of the Azerbaijani language terminology in the field of personal protective equipment.

CE: We often hear about accidents occurring in production. How would you assess the quality of personal protective equipment available in the market?

Asad Nasrullayev: Safety at working places depends mainly on the quality of work carried out by labor protection specialists. Risk detection and assessment, undertaking of preventive measures, right selection of personal protection equipment and many other things are the measures which should be taken to ensure labor safety. The evidence from practice shows that companies which do not pay due attention to labor safety issues can face serious problems afterwards: occupational injury, financial losses, image loss, etc.

As I said, we are offering personal protective equipment of many leading world producers. Our specialists are always ready to offer an information support, to help when choosing a necessary product for a reasonable price, give in case of necessity instructions on their, arrange presentations with the participation of representatives of companies-producers.

Thank you for the interview

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