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Friday, 13 October 2017 17:30

Necmeddin Taşbağ: “Mr.Fix ready to meet new trends of the construction industry” Featured

Necmeddin Taşbağ: “Mr.Fix ready to meet new trends of the construction industry”

Caspian Energy (CE): Mr.Fix brand is very popular in Azerbaijan. Could you please tell about the share the Company holds in the construction materials market?

Necmeddin Taşbağ, General Manager of Kartaş Ltd. LLC: We established Kartaş LTD LLC in 2000. In a short time we started production of building chemicals under Mr.Fix brand. Therefore, Mr.Fix has been one of the first brands in Azerbaijan to start production in this area.

Of course, this factor and the importance we attach to the quality of our products, as well as meeting our customers' needs have made us the brand with a sizeable market share. Building materials of Mr.Fix brand with more than 100 product names retain their superiority due to their rich experience in the market.


CE: How does the Company manage to withstand competition, including competition with foreign products?

Necmeddin Taşbağ: The performance of both domestic and foreign brands has recently gained momentum. Such a variety of products is natural, but at the same time it fosters competition. Like in all areas, development is impossible without competition. Amidst such natural environment we continue to work with our long-term goals, not short-term ones. Our approach to competition is not based on up-to-the-minute guidelines, but rests on future-oriented principles.

Since the first day of our activity we have been committed to supplying the market with necessary products matching the demand, to boosting the importance of local products, and also to building public confidence in the building materials under Mr.Fix brand. We have always seen and see in ourselves this strength and necessary potential.


CE: Is it possible to say that the ongoing crisis in economy has not affected Mr.Fix and you managed to maintain the sales volume?

Necmeddin Taşbağ: I should note that the economic difficulties observed in the last two years have affected the construction industry most of all. Consequently, this situation could not have failed to affect the companies engaged in the production of building materials. However, despite all negative factors, the construction industry in Azerbaijan keeps on growing and developing. Along with this factor, Mr.Fix brand has maintained its positions in the market owing to the extensive portfolio of customers, product range and, most of all, progressive principles of work.

At present, we are continuing our work in this area.


CE: Taking into account the popularity of the brand, your Company can be a regular supplier of building materials for large construction companies, including implementation of large construction projects ...

Necmeddin Taşbağ: We have been working in this area since we started production and have become a supplier of construction products in the largest and most important projects in the construction sector of Azerbaijan. During the implementation of state and other infrastructure projects, Mr.Fix brand was much different from other products and was chosen precisely because of its quality.

Nowadaa Mr.Fix continues to work as a supplier of required materials for construction of various public buildings, roads, bridges, as well as buildings for the sector of tourism, sports, etc.


CE: Nowadays consumers primarily pay attention to the quality of goods and services. Could you please tell about the quality standards used in the manufacture of Mr.Fix products? What makes your products different from those offered by other manufacturers?

Necmeddin Taşbağ: In Azerbaijan, there are certain legal norms and standards in place, and each company-manufacturer can get a niche on the market with sitable goods. Certainly, these norms and standards reflect only the minimum requirements for goods and services. The goal of Mr.Fix is not be content with this minimum, and from time to time study the world standards and update the available ones. We produce a large number of product names according to the European standards. Always following the technological innovations, continuing research and development, our Company produces the high-quality building materials. Our products, which meet the Quality Management System ISO 9001, AZS and European standards, are one of the most reliable and popular on the market.

We also confirm the quality indicators of our products with certificates obtained from the independent laboratories. Along with this, research work is actively carried out in the laboratories of our Company, and before reaching a consumer, each product reaches a final stage of production under more than strict supervision of our specialists. In short, as a brand Mr.Fix is working to meet the required norms and standards to enable our consumers to use our products in an efficient and convenient way.


CE: Ceramics and faience adhesives, as well as water proofing materials are the most recognizable products of Mr.Fix. We would like to known to what extent has the assortment of produced products increased over the last years and shall the company’s customers wait for the apperance of new products?

Necmeddin Taşbağ: Ceramics and faience adhesives, as well as waterproofing materials are one of our first products. At present the assortment of products has been considerably increased and Mr.Fix was the first to introduce them in the market. The thing is that we managed to meet the needs of the consumer in proper time which is why the demand for our products is very high today. As is seen, consideration of wishes and preferences of people, their needs is of big importance for a producer.

Along with the new products, Mr.Fix is also producing materials for adjacent industries. For instance, heat-insulating boards preventing power loss in buildings and facilities, as well as chemical additives meant for concrete production.


CE: What are the near-term outlooks for the national market of construction materials?    

Necmeddin Taşbağ: There is a wide range of construction materials in Azerbaijan. We are the professionals in a certain area where over 90% of demand is met at the expense of goods produced domestically. A demand for new products arise with the changing needs of people and working procedures.  Mr.Fix is meeting this demand by its products.

The prospects of the construction materials market of Azerbaijan is great. A broad-scale work is currently underway and will continue both for restoration of the old buildings and building of new residential facilities. The demand for lodging and the improving living conditions of people reflect the prospects in the field of construction. These and other factors help us to forecast that the market of construction materials will grow at high speed.


CE: What is the formula for success of Mr.Fix brand?

Necmeddin Taşbağ: From the very beginning of our activity we have focused the attention on our consumers. This is the reason why any product of our brand justifies the hopes of our clients.

By the way, I would like to note that Mr. Fix has repeatedly gained awards in such an honorary nomination as the “Consumer’s choice”. Each facility built out of the Mr.Fix brand materials created conditions for the future generations’ living in a more ecological clean environment. Considering the comfort and safety of every built building, knowing the worth of the work that has been carried out, we are always putting the quality criterion first. 


Thank you for the interview


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