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Thursday, 17 December 2015 17:00

Your imagination is our strength, - Ali Kutvan Featured

Caspian Energy CEO: Could you please tell about achievements of the Company in 2015? What new projects are planned for 2016?

Ali Kutvan, Executive Director of KoçSistem LLC Azerbaijan: KoçSistem’s corporate vision is to become the pioneering power to carry its stakeholders to the future in Europe and in near geography with innovative technologies, solutions and services.

KoçSistem’s corporate mission is to become an institution which uses the power derived from stakeholders for their own development; thus provide reliable, innovative and directing technology, solutions and services, and henceforth create added value for its country and to maintain this position.

As well as the services we provide, we take our responsibility to contribute to the development of the sector. We are proud to announce our Research and Development Center at Qafqaz University that we are going to make the opening ceremony in December 2015. In this center, our main goal is to develop software and products which will contribute to economy of Azerbaijan and strengthen its competitiveness.

On the other hand, we want to be one of the IT Industry companies which create employment. In this respect, we are enabling students newly graduated from universities’ IT departments to be trained accordance with the area of expertise in our office located in Istanbul, Turkey. And then we employ them in our office in Azerbaijan.

KoçSistem, summarizing continuous development and its existence with the motto “Your Imagination is Our Strength”, carries out sustainable growth objectives of its customers with customer specific technology solutions, outsourcing services and “Making a Difference” strategy. According to this strategy, our permanent goal under the name of KoçSistem is to contribute to Azerbaijan and to lead the digital transformation while it is achieving the 2020 vision.


CEO: Do you plan to carry out joint cooperation with large corporations?

Ali Kutvan: In Caucasia we are in the process of establishing KoçSistem’s distribution channel. Therefore we have signed a strategic partnership agreement with some IT companies in Azerbaijan. We have our own products such as Pixage. At the beginning this year we have also signed a dealer agreement with one of the Media and Advertising companies of Azerbaijan. We also established Research and Development Center in Qafqaz University and we are focusing on some other small startup companies in Azerbaijan instead of large corporations. We may make them part of our organization, or provide sponsorship for their specific projects. Of course we need to have an evaluation process first.


CEO: How long has the Company been operating in the market?

Ali Kutvan: KoçSistem as a member company of Koç Group and a pioneering organization of Information and Communication Technologies sector in Turkey founded in 1945 and is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year.

KoçSistem offers special technological solutions according to specific needs of its customers with its business model, consultant company vision, human resources and technological infrastructure. KoçSistem has been serving ideal technology to the business world for 70 years and gives companies competitive advantage and efficiency.

KoçSistem aims to increase the efficiency of its customers and contribute their growth with its business experts in different disciplines and technology and extensive product portfolio that provides end-to-end solution alternatives. KoçSistem reaches the target of offering value-added services to its customers with service infrastructure offered to customers, human resources investments and cooperation with leading technology manufacturers.

KoçSistem provides consulting, application development, installation, training services, managed services, cloud computing and shared services as well as maintenance and support services to corporate customers, covering the range from system level to business applications level.

Also, we are celebrating our 3rd year in the Azerbaijan market.


CEO: Which prospects for development do you see in the non-oil sector against the background of the current situation in the oil market?

Ali Kutvan: Before being the executive director of KoçSistem MMC, I was invited to Azerbaijan by the Minister of Tourism and Culture of Azerbaijan for preparing Regional Tourism Strategic Plan. Last economic crisis and devaluation that happened due to decreasing oil price in global markets have shown that real sector and service industries should be developed in Azerbaijan. Within this frame work the development of the IT sectors and related products are getting more important for Azerbaijan economy.


CEO: How did you start working in this area, and how did you become a representative of KoçSistem in Baku?

Ali Kutvan: Let me give you brief explanation about myself. I was born In Ankara. Have Ph.D degree in management science. Graduated from Hacettepe University, (BA), İstanbul Technical University, (M.Sc), İstanbul University and Marmara University (Ph.D). Worked as a lecturer in Bosphorus and Marmara Universities and also worked in Apple Computer in charge of Apple Global Education project and Apple University Consorsium. Won International Rotary scholarship and I was the one who joint Group Study Exchange program in the UK / London. I am founder of Interactive Publishers Association as well as some innovative companies and enterprises. I took part in multinational companies and international NGO’s as Non-Executive Adviser and director in their supervisory boards and board of directors. I have published several academic papers and research studies in national and international academic magazines. I am owner of some achievements and awards such as “Outstanding Young man of the Year”, Junior Chamber International, 1996, “Outstanding Young man of the Year”, Rotary International, 1997, “Finalist of Major Awards of Informatics”, 1996.

I am also faculty member of Nişantaşı University and visiting professor in management department of ATMU. And Editorial board member of journal of Business and Economics / NYC

As I told you, in 2012, I was invited to Azerbaijan by the Minister of Tourism and Culture of Azerbaijan for preparing Regional Tourism Strategic Plan.  After this Study has completed I have started to give management consultancy services for some of top companies in Azerbaijan. Then, this year, I have started to work in KoçSistem Azerbaijan MMC as executive director.


CEO: Which criteria do you give preference to when recruiting employees, and how do you assess the professionalism of Azerbaijan specialists?

Ali Kutvan: Under the light of our vision, mission, targets and common values:

- to gain manpower which is highly educated, open to novelties, energetic, bearing the potential to improve himself/herself and his/her job, and capable of teamwork;

- to internalize the modern philosophy of unconditional customer satisfaction which is responsible to the society and respectful to moral values.

- to ensure perpetual development of employees and that they gain different vision, skill and technical knowledge,

- to continuous improve the knowledge, skills, potential and performance of our highly qualified employees who are racing against time, always willing to wind and open for change at all times; and to ensure that their personal targets would meet with organizational targets on the top level.

Our purpose is to enable KoçSistem – of which we are celebrating the 70th Anniversary- to serve better by the continuity of its success and development. KoçSistem is well aware that this goal could only be achieved with its employees. It aims to develop its employees by continuous training programs and efficient performance and rewarding systems.

Aware of the fact that success and development could only be achieved by well qualified human resources, KoçSistem maintains the importance of Human Resources Management.

A “Competency-Based Recruitment and Placement System” and Panel Interviews are run for selecting new-graduate candidates that bear potential to carry the Koç Group to future. A competency-based interview is held with the candidate by the Human resources department and technical interviews by department managers. The candidate’s compliance to the job description of the position and technical expectations is evaluated upon the interview result by the relevant department manager. After Competency Based and Technical Interviews, a team work exercise is carried out with the participation of all positively assessed new-graduate candidates. New-graduate candidate competencies are elaborated during this team work exercise. Also, the competences questioned for the candidates will be recruited; teamwork, orientation, communication, cooperation development, result-orientation, creativity and entrepreneurship, self and co-workers development, and customer sensitivity. A personality inventory and English examination are made for the positively assessed candidates after the interviews.

On the other hand, due to the sector's dynamism; innovation, research, management of diversity and visionary is taken into consideration as well.

Successful candidates are offered job positions after checking their references.


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