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Friday, 17 April 2015 13:30

We intend to maintain leading positions in Azerbaijan – Mushfig Huseynov Featured

Caspian Energy (CE): Mr. Huseynov, what is the distinguishing feature of the marketing policy of Ideal Dizayn?

Mushfig Huseynov, Head of the Department for Marketing and Design of New Products, Ideal Dizayn:

Ideal Dizayn, producing office furniture, was established in 2000. The Company is a subsidiary of Embawood, the global furniture producing company. The Company is specialized in production and sale of office furniture and furniture equipment for hotels, educational institutions, cafes, restaurants and bars. Our company which employs 120 people is a leader among companies producing office furniture. The department for marketing and design of new products has been operating. I also would like to note that Ideal Dizayn has been accredited against ISO 9001 2008 quality management system. We have our own production factory with the square of 140,000 m2. The 2015 strategy of the Company was been developed in compliance with the macroeconomic situation and implies updating of products portfolio, maintenance of leadership on the market and quality enhancement. When it comes to quality it involves not only endurance of products but also growth of quality of usability, service, delivery as well as installation.

Low quality of products and service comes at high costs for companies involved in this business, which is not economically beneficial. Ideal Dizayn, with a 15-year experience, realizes it perfectly well. Therefore, we always try to improve and develop our business. It is major feature of our marketing policy.

We work with two groups of customers: corporate and retail. Corporate clients cooperate with us on different projects. According to the style and design they choose, the Xirdalan factory works on projects and delivers products to customers within the agreed timescale. It is noteworthy that Ideal Dizayn has been operating its own Design studio. As far as private or retail clients are concerned, we have a close cooperation established with them, basically on finished products. Regardless of the client group, our objective is to have all their expectations satisfied fully.

I also would like to note that we have our own web resource By means of the 3D graphics, the clients are able to view our salons, furniture placed on each floor, its technical specifications and prices. At the same time, we have not been involved in online sale yet.



CE: What are the advantages of Ideal Dizayn over other office furniture producers?  

Mushfig Huseynov: I would notlike tospeak about advantages of Ideal Dizayn in comparison to other companies. I will just try to name the strong points of the company. Firstly, it is a 15-year work experience and leading positions. Secondly, it has an own factory occupying 140,000m2, meeting European standards as well as a facility for storage of finished products. Thirdly, it has sale-purchase offices in Turkey and China. Fourthly, it is a marketing department as well as specialized human resources numbering 120 people. In addition to all this, there are three big salons with a total area covering 4800 m2.



CE: How do you evaluate the competitiveness of the market and the Company’s position there?

 Mushfig Huseynov: As far as the position of Ideal Dizayn in the local market is concerned, I would like to note that the Company is indeed competing with the image of counties representing brands. As of today, usually a customer is showing an interest toward a country-producer when buying certain products. Despite this, Ideal Dizayn is an absolute leader. We understand that we have to compete with strong opponents in order to be strong. Regardless of the market segment that a company is engaged in, the party which is better familiar with its client becomes a winner in the competition.



CE: Which new lines of furniture production do you plan to commission?

Mushfig Huseynov: In spite of thefact thatthe majority of products, imported from Turkey, Italy, China, is made of the chip broad, we plan to increase the sale of office furniture manufactured mainly out of metal and glass. We also wish to substantially extend the sale of more functional and usable office furniture.


CE: Which projects is Ideal Dizayn currently implementing? What could you tell about international and regional plans of the Company?

Mushfig Huseynov: The devaluation of Azerbaijan manat, occurred in February, in fact provided new export possibilities for local companies. Therefore, our company is interested in export to neighbor countries: Georgia and Kazakhstan. First of all, we intend to maintain our leading positions in Azerbaijan as well as enhance quality of production and service.   I also would like to note that Ideal Dizayn annually takes part in many international exhibitions, particularly in Milan, Istanbul and Guanchjou. Owing to participation in many exhibitions, Ideal Dizayn is annually updating its products portfolio by 15%. Regarding the implemented projects, we can proudly call ASAN Sabirabad and ASAN Barda our large-scale projects. After the approval of the concept, it took us two months to successfully deliver the ASAN Xidmet project. 




CE: What is the most attractive feature for you in you profession?

Mushfig Huseynov:  It is real love of work, occupation as well as the wish to bring the Company that I work for up to a top position. For already  10 years I have been involved in a favorite occupation that I chose on my own. I love the personnel that I work with, the attitude of workers to work, high professionalism, satisfaction of clients, management team which lends us full support. As to my personal ambitions, it is a wish to make Azerbaijani brand recognized on a global level.



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