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Friday, 06 February 2015 13:30

We consider every detail while construction, Kamaladdin Mansimov Featured

Caspian Energy: How did an idea of creating a company with such a strong name and meaning “Nabucco A&C” start up?  

Kamaladdin Mansimov, Director, Nabucco A&C, official partner-constructor of Astron : I am a constructing engineer and until 2009 I worked for different constructing companies and was engaged in different projects. In 2009 I made up a decision that it was time to create my own company. The Nabucco project was very popular at that time. It is the reason why I decided to call it this way.

CE: How long have you been working for the construction sector?

Kamaladdin Mansimov: I started working right after I graduated from my institute in 1991. At first, I was engaged in sale of construction materials. I managed to open a small business at that time, which was one of the first ones in Azerbaijan and was called Odlar Yurdu. I mainly brought construction materials from Russia. Later, I was engaged in trade for a while but after returned to construction sector. Since 2005 I was a subcontractor of different companies, received orders and carried out certain work. In general, I gained a big experience in the construction through 2009. Therefore, I decided to create my own company. Meanwhile, when I was creating a company I did not have big funds in order to invest them into the project. I mainly work with companies, receive orders from them and fulfill them.



CE: How have you been developing your business since 2009?

Kamaladdin Mansimov: I fulfilled a few small orders in 2009. In particular, we built a cooling storage in the town of Hudat. Later, we received no orders for a certain period. In 2011 we established cooperation with Lindab (Astron) Buildings LLC. It happened at one of the exhibitions. An idea of working with steel structures came to me. It is a promising sphere. I invited this company to Baku. We discussed cooperation and became an exclusive distributor of Lindab (Astron) Buildings in Azerbaijan. Since then our cooperation has been developing intensively and fruitfully. In 2013 we implemented a big project “WESTGATE” on construction of brand shops along the “Silk Way” in Shamkir. At the same time we built a barrack for military men in Shamkir city.


CE: Why have made a choice in favor of steel structures?

Kamaladdin Mansimov: Being a constructing engineer makes you know a lot about many spheres. For me it was not hard to have myself familiarized with steel structures. Astron Company which became a part of Lindab Buildings LLC in 2005 has been engaged in steel structures for over 60 years and managed to substantially develop this sphere over this period. They have the most advanced technologies. The company is producing materials and does construction, which is very important.  


CE: Which areas do you consider promising in 2015?

Kamaladdin Mansimov: As is known, 2014 was declared the Year of industry of Azerbaijan. In the meantime, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev signed an order about approval of the “State program of development of industry in the republic of Azerbaijan in 2015-2020. It means that a high amount of industrial enterprises will be built in the country. The purpose is the project is to have Azerbaijan fully supplied with necessary products. We in our turn also intend to contribute to the development of industry of Azerbaijan.



CE: What is the advantage of technologies you offer?

Kamaladdin Mansimov: We try to apply innovative technologies in Azerbaijan. What are their advantages? The projects implemented by means of above-mentioned technologies tend to be more qualitative and attractive in view of design. Meanwhile, they are very beneficial in terms of expenditures.  


CE: Are your employees experienced enough for implementation of such projects?

Kamaladdin Mansimov: There are many high-skilled human resources working for the constructions sector of Azerbaijan. As a constructing engineer I know a number of people who are high level specialists of this area. These specialists work for us as well. Apart from this, we often conduct seminars for improving their qualification. Our employees took part in seminars dedicated to use of innovative technologies and held overseas. Moreover, we conduct online seminars several times a month. It is very important since one must possess special skills in order to apply technologies of Astron. I would like to note that we consider all details when performing construction.



CE: What projects have been scheduled for 2015?

Kamaladdin Mansimov: 2015 has just started and for now we are waiting for new proposals to come. We offer advanced technologies for the construction sector and guarantee high quality.  


CE: Do you have any plans to enlarge your business?     

Kamaladdin Mansimov: I certainly do.  We try to enlarge company, increase the number of working places. However, not everything depends on us. We implemented a number of projects which everybody liked. They are an indication of the quality of our work. We are currently building a plant in Sumgayit. I hold business meetings every day. I also often visit construction sites in order to monitor the course of work. We have enough work to do.


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