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Friday, 16 January 2015 13:30

Our goods are designed for customers with an average purchasing power, but on high quality level – Mustafa Tayat, President of Mustafa Tayat brand Featured


Caspian Energy (CE): How did the idea of creation of Mustafa Tayat brand arise?

Mustafa Tayat, President of Mustafa Tayat brand: Mustafa Tayat Brand was created in 2003 when I returned to Turkey from Germany where I had lived for 24 years. Before that I had worked for the textile industry. In 2003 I decided to create a brand which I gave my name. If you pay attention to the names of brands in Italy, Spain and other countries, they are often named after their creators. We have very few of such brands. Therefore, we took decision to name the brand Mustafa Tayat since we had confidence in our work.


CE: Why did you choose this business?    

Mustafa Tayat: First of all, it was really interesting to me to enter this market, prepare collections, new models and sell them. Apart from this, as I have noted, staying in Germany till 2003 I had been engaged in the textile industry. Besides, I also was involved in different lines of business, particularly in wholesale selling. But we did not have an own brand and models.


CE: Does it mean that at present you are creating your collection on your own?

Mustafa Tayat: Yes, I do this work together with my team.


CE: You have noted that it was of interest to you. How profitable is this business and which role has this moment played?

Mustafa Tayat: It certainly plays its role. But as I have mentioned, it was of big interest to me to create models and work over them. It in fact makes feel pleased when you see people buying and wearing models that you create.


CE: Mustafa Tayat Brand has already existed for 11 years. What does this brand mean for you today?

Mustafa Tayat: It was in 2003 when we created this brand and opened shops in Turkey. We entered the market of Azerbaijan in 2008.  Throughout this period Mustafa Tayat has considerably expanded its business along with the customer base. I assume that our collections are also becoming more attractive.  


CE: How and why did you decide to continue your business in Azerbaijan?

Mustafa Tayat:Azerbaijan was the first place where we received an invitation from. But after signing the agreement, these people did not manage work, so we had to continue this business on our own. We are Turkic people and it had not taken me long to get used to live here. We continue this business in Turkey as well, I often visit Turkey but now I live in Baku.


CE: Let’s talk about Azerbaijani market of clothes and accessories sale. Whatcanyoutellaboutit?

Mustafa Tayat: Comparing with 2008, the market in our sector was more attractive to start business. The thing is that the competition at that period was not that high as it is now. A lot of trade centers have so far been opened in the country whereupon many new brands are available here. As the result, the price slightly declined while the competition grew up. Nowadays, any certain brand has to work hard in order to attract and gain a customer and profits. But we have already accustomed to the Azerbaijani market, we have a business which we must continue.


CE: Does it mean that now this business is not as profitable as it was before?

Mustafa Tayat: As I have already mentioned, now are continuing the work we have once started. I like it here because I feel just like home. Meanwhile, I must note that the Azerbaijani market is attractive enough. However, there are differences compared with 2008 since now it became more difficult to work. The reason is opening of new brands and growth of the competition. On the other hand, the growth of the completion leads to the improvement of the quality. The brands have to build their work on much higher level.


CE: You talk about the growth of competition and appearance of new brands. How does Mustafa Tayat compete with them and what helps it to become a winner?  

Mustafa Tayat: First of all, our pricing policy is very affordable. When creating a collection and a certain model, we offer prices which clients are able to afford themselves.  Our goods are designed for clients with an average purchasing power or even below it. However, we always try to provide a high quality.


CE: How do you take the competitor’s measure?

Mustafa Tayat: Of course, we learn our competitors, what they are engaged in and what they are ready to offer. We take part in fashion shows, different exhibitions and try to track everything that is new.  We try to offer such products that are in demand. Not every collection can be sold in Azerbaijan. Global brands sometimes have to offer a collection which is mandatory to a certain extent but not specific for a certain market. I mean a collection is not created especially for Azerbaijan. We in our turn study the market and things that will sold in Azerbaijan. We have an advantage in this regard. Not all European collections are popular in Azerbaijan. Our collections suit more Azeri and Turkish clients. Our customer base in Azerbaijan numbers approx 92,000.


CE: Which trends characterize the market of Azerbaijan?

Mustafa Tayat: As far as men are concerned, they prefer a classical style. Most of our clients are men at the age of 25 or older, who prefer wearing classical clothes. We offer classical clothes to them or something average between classical and sports style. Meanwhile, the number of people who give preference to sports style is growing in Azerbaijan. It is clear that it does not include goods which are sold in sports shops. It is something average between classic and sport styles.


CE: What could you say about woman?

Mustafa Tayat: It is a bit more complicated when comes to women. The thing is that the fashion here changes too often. A new trend appears every month and all of it should be tracked. Still Turkish collections suit the local market more than others. It offers clothes for every day, holiday, wedding parties, etc. When we put European collections on sale, they are sold much worse compared to Turkish collections.


CE: Can the brand change the trend with its collection? As you noted, it changes for women almost every month. How is it possible to foresee the trend?

Mustafa Tayat: Now it is winter, so it is a bit more difficult to wear classic clothes in winter. People prefer wearing warm clothes. The preference is given to a classic style when spring and autumn comes. In summer, it is also hard to wear classic clothes because of hot. People prefer wearing common clothes and often put T-shirts on.  


CE: What does an Azeri customer pay attention to when choosing a style?

Mustafa Tayat: People in Azerbaijan and Turkey prefer wearing common clothes. It is where the classic style of clothes comes from. As far as the sports style is concerned, it also has its peculiarities. People in Europe often wear t-shirts that have many inscriptions on. The majority of men do not wear such t-shirts in Azerbaijan. Sometimes young girls prefer wearing such t-shirts. But in general, speaking about preferences, Turkish and European collections account for 70% and 30% respectively.


CE: What influences the preference of the Azeri consumer?

Mustafa Tayat: Every brand has its own style otherwise all collections would be the same. Each of them has its own clients. Mustafa Tayat is not a world brand. We work only in several countries. Therefore, when preparing the collection, we take preferences of all these people into account. It would be a little risky for us to bring European collections. On the one hand, this niche has been already occupied. On the other hand, we have our own style.


CE: What do you like most in your work?

Mustafa Tayat: I like my work very much. We are constantly studying the market and preparing a new collection. This process runs continuously. The winter has started now while we already study the market for spring thinking of preferences that will arise in several months. Based on this, we will start preparing the spring collection. In summer we start working on the winter collection. This process runs throughout the whole world. You see, all of it takes too much time.


CE: How do you prepare the collection?

Mustafa Tayat: Of course we watch the global trends, the styles and materials which are in fashion. Considering these trends, and our own style we are preparing a new collection. It is more difficult to foresee the trends among women since they change very often. The majority of the collection is brought from Turkey. We have our own factories and place orders at other plants.


CE: How does your working day last?

Mustafa Tayat:  My working day starts from 9 am and last till 6pm. We are engaged in sale at shops. There are a total of 15 Mustafa Tayat shops in Azerbaijan. Three of them are located in Ganja, one in Shamkir and the rest in Baku. I purchase materials and prepare new models. This is the way my working day lasts.         


CE: Do you have time for rest?

Mustafa Tayat: We find time for rest after the collection is ready. Regarding the leisure time, I try to spend it actively. I like going to the pool and fitness center. I try to take my family to a restaurant a few times a week and meet my friends.   


CE: Does your family also lives in Baku on a permanently?

Mustafa Tayat: My wife and younger child live in Baku with me. I have four children. Two of them go to school in Turkey. The eldest child has graduated from his university in Germany and now studies for getting his master degree in Spain.  


CE: Would you like your children to continue your business?

Mustafa Tayat: For now they are studying. After they complete their education, they will certainly continue my business. 


CE: Do you like travelling?

Mustafa Tayat: We often go to Turkey for holidays. I like skiing in winter and having rest on the seashore in summer. I visited China, Dubai (UAE) and Europe on vacations.    


Thank you for the interview



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