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Friday, 09 January 2015 13:30

I have chosen the career and career growth prospects - Samir Gashimov, Specialist for business contacts development with clients, Caspian Wireline Service Featured

Caspian Energy: How long have you been working for Caspian Wireline Service and how did you join the company?  

Samir Gashimov, Specialist for business contacts development with clients, Caspian Wireline Service: I started working for Caspian Wireline Service in December 2013. Before that I had worked for the company which is a competitor of Caspian Wireline Service. I applied to company’s president Calvin Wilson who considered my candidacy. This way, I started working for Caspian Wireline Service.



CE: What made you change the work and move to Caspian Wireline Service?

Samir Gashimov: First of all, it is high performance quality of Caspian Wireline Service, an interest in the company and career development prospect that encouraged me to choose this company. Caspian Wireline Service is the company which has already made its certain contribution to the market. All of these factors predetermined my choice.



CE: How does your working day last?

Samir Gashimov: I work with clients. For this reason, I organize the work according to the schedule of meetings. I always know whom I am to meet today and tomorrow. We perform work for a client whereafter submit him all necessary documentation concerning the job we did. I.e. I deliver work to a client. Apart from this, I stay constantly in touch with clients. The work itself in Caspian Wireline Service is based on close collaboration with clients and conduction of regular meetings with them. So we do everything we can in order to satisfy customers’ needs.


CE: Do you only gain profits from work for Caspian Wireline Service or you also enjoy the process?

Samir Gashimov: People should first of all enjoy work they  carry out. Now I work with the Americans and there are certain things that I really learn from them. For instance, they say that, regardless of the size of salary, they will never do work if it does not let them enjoy it. Besides enjoying the work, a lot depends on the personnel you work with. Once all these things are available, the efficiency of work will grow without fail. It is clear that a person will not work long for a company where he is required to perform a large amount of work for inconsiderable salary. I have chosen the career and career growth prospects. For now it is more important for me even than the size of salary. The work at Caspian Wireline Service lets me improve my English. I took part in four forums during one year and delivered a speech at each event. It is very important for the career growth.



CE: You mentioned that you work with clients. What do you find the most important in this work?

Samir Gashimov: I work with many companies, both local and foreign. The oil industry related work is not easy. All subtleties and peculiarities should be taken into account when working with clients. I would like to note that so far we have not faced any problems in the work with clients.


CE: What position do you believe you will hold in five years?


Samir Gashimov: Caspian Wireline Service is a company competing with leading companies of the region. Now I am happy with everything at Caspian Wireline Service but it is not easy to say what may happen in 5 years. In future, I would like to work a geologist on a well for an operating company. 


CE: So you are a geologist by occupation?

Samir Gashimov: I studied at the oil-gas field department. Now I study for getting my master degree. I do marketing work at the company. I find it a new and interesting experience for me.


CE: You have mentioned that you work with foreigners at the company. Is there a difference in working with foreigners and local staff?  

Samir Gashimov: First of all I would like to note that the Azerbaijanis make 99% of human resources working for Caspian Wireline Service. As to foreigners, they hold managerial positions. As far as local workers are concerned, I would like to note that they are sufficiently skilled workers who gained an excellent education. As to foreigners, for us it is perfect opportunity to improve our language skills as well.



CE: How high is the completion high in this segment of the market?

Samir Gashimov: If you asked me this question a year ago, I would say that the competition is not that high and call Caspian Wireline Service an absolute leader. Now the competition has seriously promoted. Meanwhile, the quality of provided services and the work that Caspian Wireline Service carries out still makes it a leader among geophysical companies in performing onshore operations. Caspian Wireline Service is a market leading basically at the cost of high skilled workers as well as the quality of services and favorable prices. 



CE: What leads to the growth of the competition?


Samir Gashimov: Large companies used to operate mainly offshore before. However, the offshore oil production becomes more expensive as the price for oil declines. It is much cheaper to work onshore. It is the reason why the competition grows. In the meantime, I cannot call any party that managed move Caspian Wireline Service from its positions.


CE: How do you spend your time after work?


Samir Gashimov: I cannot say that I have much time left for rest after work. Whenever I have free time, I spend it on reading. I try to read books related to my occupation, learn new terms and programs. Sometimes I read fiction as well. I also track latest oil-gas sector related news via internet. It is particularly important now.


CE: Do you go in for sports?


Samir Gashimov: Now it is impossible to go in for sports. Only sometimes I pay a visit to a gym.  


CE: Do you like travelling? Can you travel often?


Samir Gashimov: We usually make business trips to foreign countries. Over a year of working for Caspian Wireline Service I visited USA, Ukraine and Georgia. The best holiday for me is to travel in regions of Azerbaijan, forests and mountains.  To my regret, I did not manage to fully enjoy my holidays over the past 5 years.   


Thank you for the interview



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