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Tuesday, 12 March 2019 17:00

Sarkhan Sarkhan: “I am ready to even shed my blood for our land”

Sarkhan Sarkhan: “I am ready to even shed my blood for our land”

A well-known singer and songwriter, people’s artist of Azerbaijan Sarkhan Sarkhan has given an exclusive video-interview to TELLMANN SHOW.

In his interview he spoke about professions he dreamt of in his childhood, about his friendship with musician Adalat Shukurov, about acquaintance and meetings with such masters as Muslim Magomayev, Rashid Beybutov and Polad Bulbul oglu, about his creative work and personal life, his origin, real last name and many other things.

In reply to the “Wouldn’t you like to move and live in Baku” question, Sarkhan Sarkhan, who has been living in Russia for many years, said: “In today’s information age when it is possible to reach Baku in 2.5 hours, when borders are open, such notion as “living in the same place” does no longer exist. You can be wherever you want in your thought, communicate via internet, and if you want to meet with someone, you can get on the plane and fly there. Therefore, it makes the feeling, that our home is a certain place, disappear. The planet Earth is becoming our home, especially for creative people”.

Sarkhan Sarkhan replied to TELLMANN SHOW’s traditional questions such as “what are the five sights that a tourist, coming to Azerbaijan, shall certainly visit?” and “which five dishes shall a tourist taste in Azerbaijan?”. He also gave an original answer to the question about an audience with the President of Azerbaijan.

The people’s artist of Azerbaijan also spoke about the story of writing his most popular “Ay gecikən məhəbbətim” song after his first meeting with the National Leader Heydar Aliyev had taken place at the governmental concert.

In reply to the question about the possibility of settlement of the Armenia-Azerbaijan, Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, Sarkhan Sarkhan said: “As an Azerbaijani, I am ready to even shed my bled for our land”.

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