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Thursday, 29 November 2018 14:00

Open Door Event was held in Barattson on preparation for "CFA Level I" June 2019 exam Featured

Open Door Event was held in Barattson on preparation for "CFA Level I" June 2019 exam

Based on 4 years of academic activity and 8 successful experiences in CFA training, Barattson announces the admission of candidates to the next preparation course by CFA Charterholder instructors for the "CFA Level I" June 2019 exam!

In this regard, Mock Exam and Open Door Event were organized for candidates who are planning to take CFA Level I exam. The main purpose of organizing this event is  to provide detailed information about the CFA exam and  inform the candidates about possible job opportunities and prospects after they pass  the exam successfully. The event was attended by prominent guests, the candidates who are going to take CFA exam, tutors and media representatives.

In his opening speech, Elshan Rahimoff, the CEO of Barattson School of Business and Finance, welcomed all the guests and talked about the importance of finance and accountancy in a globalizing world. He also mentioned the importance of ACCA, CIMA, CFA and other international qualifications in financial management, business development and risk management.

At the end of the event, tutors of the CFA Level I preparation course shared their views. Each instructor talked about the exam preparation process, the study materials and a wide range of job opportuinites for candidates who will successfully pass the CFA Level I exam.

Later, Ilkin Sultanov was entitled to the  free preparation course for his achievement getting the highest result in the CFA Level I trial exam At the same time, each of the six successful candidates who passed the CFA Level I June 2018 exam was provided with a training voucher worth $ 500. Through the voucher the candidates will be able to benefit from the services provided by Barattson

At the end of the event a number of questions were answered by the trainers and a broad discussion was made around the topic.

Preparation course for "CFA Level I" exam, which forms strong base knowledge in investment analysis and management of investment portfolios will start on December 9, 2018

CFA Program (Certified Financial Analyst) - Certified Financial Analyst is a professional mandate offered by CFA Institute to investors and financial professionals. CFA covers a wide range of topics related to management and evaluation of investment projects, financial analysis, portfolio management, stock issues, bonds and derivatives, and general knowledge of other areas of finance. Many career opportunities such as financial manager, risk manager, portfolio manager, researcher, consultant, trader, budget planning, economist, analyst and so on. are available to candidates after they qualify for a CFA degree.

The total duration of the course will be six months, 130 hours. For those who will register until 01.12.2018, the course fee will be 1500 AZN instead of 1800 AZN.

If you have any questions, we are ready to respond with great pleasure..

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Mobile:  +994 55 502 44 95 / +994 70 205 44 96

Address: 44 J. Jabbarli street, Caspian Plaza 3, 7th floor.

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