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Friday, 15 June 2018 09:00

National Salvation Day being marked in Azerbaijan Featured

National Salvation Day being marked in Azerbaijan

The National Salvation Day is being marked in Azerbaijan today (June 15), Caspian Energy News (

Azerbaijan has gained its independence in October 1991. But first years of independence were marked by the vacuum of the political power and total crisis of the State’s foundations and all its institutions, including army and national security bodies. The situation was further exacerbated by irredentist aggression of Armenia. Real menace of civil war became apparent in Azerbaijan in summer, 1993. During such vitally important times for the Motherland, Heydar Aliyev came back to power.

On June 15, 1993 Heydar Aliyev returned back to power and was elected Chairman of the Milli Majlis of Azerbaijan. Since that time, the 15th of July has laid into our history as the Day of the National Salvation.

In June 1997 Milli Majlis of Azerbaijan announced the National Salvation Day as the state holiday.

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