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Monday, 10 April 2017 11:00

Azeravtoyol OJSC becomes a partner of Caspian Energy Forum Baku 2017 Featured

Azeravtoyol OJSC becomes a partner of Caspian Energy Forum Baku 2017

Azeravtoyol OJSC has become a partner of the 4th International Caspian Energy Forum-2017 ( which will be held on April 12, 2017 in Baku.


“We are happy to join such an important event as Caspian Energy Forum-2017, and take part in its work as a Forum partner. Caspian Energy Forum will become a platform to discuss possibilities opening up in the light of the roadmaps approved by President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, including that in the field of road infrastructure development. This will enable investors to focus on the promising areas of development of the non-oil sector to be covered by the third session of the Forum. Azeravtoyol OJSC has established itself as one of the leading companies of the road industry, securing reliable construction of roads, highways, bridges, overpasses, pedestrian crossings, road junctions across the country, including Baku. I strongly believe that during the Forum companies will get answers to many questions and receive an incentive to develop business projects across the Republic of Azerbaijan”, Chairman of Azeravtoyol OJSC Saleh Mammadov said.

Azeravtoyol OJSC, which has been the CEIBC member for a long time, for the first time acts as a partner of the Forum, First Deputy Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Caspian European Club and Caspian American Club Telman Aliyev said. “As a state-owned company, Azeravtoyol OJSC responds positively to all questions and proposals from other members of the Club – representatives of the private sector, the active dialogue has been established. We are hopeful that this cooperation will be long and in the future we will be able to cooperate in the framework of new projects and business forums”, Telman Aliyev said.

Azeravtoyol OJSC was established according to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated March 9, 2016 and is the successor of the road firms that operated the road industry of Azerbaijan. Azeravtoyol OJSC specializes in projects on repair, maintenance, reconstruction and construction of general use roads, streets and avenues, bridges, overpasses, pedestrian crossings, road junctions across Azerbaijan, including Baku. Azeravtoyol operates 114 offices and firms for operation, landscaping and protection of roads. Azeravtoyol-run asphalt-concrete plants as well as over 2,600 units of vehicles, mechanisms and equipment play the important role in different areas of the road infrastructure.

“Caspian Energy Forum-2017 shall be attended by Government representatives, heads of large companies and organizations that support and actively participate in the ongoing economic reforms conducted under the leadership of the President of Azerbaijan, Chairman of the Caspian European Club and Caspian American Club Ilham Aliyev. And we view this as the important aspect. We thank the Administration of the President of Azerbaijan, all members of the Government, Milli Majlis deputies, ministers, heads of state committees, state agencies and state companies who responded positively to our request and agreed to participate in the forum dedicated to the preliminary results of the economic reforms, and also agreed to act as speakers and participants in discussions of problems, issues and proposals, which concern companies that are willing to work in Azerbaijan”, Telman Aliyev said.

European Commissioners, heads of government agencies, ministries, committees and agencies of Azerbaijan, Caspian-BlackSea and Baltic region states, representatives of diplomatic and international missions accredited in the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as heads of large international companies will also attend Caspian Energy Forum -2017. In total, 500 delegates from 50 countries of the world will take part in the forum.

The forum will consist of the three sessions. The first session will be dedicated to preliminary results of the ongoing economic reforms. The second session will cover the issues concerning the development of the oil-gas and energy sectors of the Caspian region states. The third session will be dedicated to projects, which are implemented in the non-oil sector (finance, transport, ICT, agroindustry and tourism), and their promotion towards the world markets. 

Azersun Holding is a general sponsor of Caspian Energy Forum-2017. Veyseloglu Group of Companies, Cross Caspian Oil and Gas Logistics LLC, PolyMart, R.I.S.K. Company and ASE EXPRESS & OCS, DSV are the sponsors of the 4th International Caspian Energy Forum-2017. Azeravtoyol OJSC, SOCAR Polymer LLC, NABUCCO A&C, SINAM, Narimanfilm, Azpetrol Ltd and AzMetco OJSC are the partners of the Forum.

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