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Thursday, 16 March 2017 10:00

New Brücke GmbH training to be held under partnership with Сaspian European Club (Caspian Business Club)

Dear friends,

We are glad to inform that on 24th May, 2017 a new Brücke GmbH training event with Сaspian European Club (Caspian Business Club) partnership will take place in Baku.


The Speaker of Training: Radislav Gandapas


The Theme of Training: Scripts and Algorithms of Success

What is the training about?

The training is based on the speaker’s thorough study of success experience of different people that prove there are specific scripts and algorithms to achieve success. They are similar in different spheres: in career and business, in sport and art.


24th May, Radislav Gandapas will share with you the proven set of instructions and tools with his professionalism and drive. Notice also that the very next day you will be able to apply the new knowledge both in the professional sphere and privacy.   


Nobody has canceled the trial and error experience but the information presented at the seminar will make it possible to shorten the time on the way to success for those who challenge  and are constantly moving forward or striving for it.


After all, success is not a state, it is a process that requires considerable knowledge and effort!


Radislav Gandapas:


The most titled business coach of the CIS

The only one who has been voted the best in his profession a total of three times.

A leading expert in the CIS on leadership and lifestyle management.

Conducts about 100 trainings and seminars a year.

The author of 8 books and 14 films.

His book A Leader’s Charisma won the Book of the Year award.

His experience and knowledge are adapted to the realities of the CIS.

A young, successful family man and a father of four children.

He raised the ranks from the bottom to the top in his profession and managed to keep his balance.

The program of Training


1. What does success mean?
2. Professional and personal success - similar and different
3. Set of values of a successful person
4. Resources of higher and lower order
5. Status, its attributes and methods of enhancing it
6. Choice of mission: joy and success in profession
7. What we are paid for: methods to increase income
8. Rational use matrix of time resource

9. Five key principles of success

10. Four phrases on the way to success

11. Author’s algorithm “Always say Yes”

12. Infantile hedonism - the curse of the civilized age
13. Raising children – what we can do for them
14. Success and freedom


Website for registration and detailed information:

Meeting place: Boulevard Hotel Baku


Date of training: 24.05.2017


Sign up the news about Event on Facebook:


We will be glad to see you among the participants, partners and sponsors.


Brücke GmbH, Danziger Platz 2-4,
60314 Frankfurt am Main
Tel.: +49 69 96 75 86 09 
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