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Tuesday, 02 July 2019 17:10

Exploded vessel in Petkim port doesn’t belong to SOCAR

Exploded vessel in Petkim port doesn’t belong to SOCAR

On July 1, at 23:20 (GMT +3), for unknown reasons, a fire occurred on a vessel “Synzania” flying the flag of Italy, which moored to bridge No. 5 for refueling with liquid hydrocarbons, a source in SOCAR Turkey Energy told Trend.

“As a result of the immediate intervention of our employees, the fire was extinguished,” the source noted. “Cooling operations on the ship continue. The entire crew of the ship was evacuated. One injured staff member was killed and another crew member who was intoxicated with gas was taken to hospital for treatment and examination. The causes of the fire are being investigated.”

11:31 (GMT +4) The explosion occurred on the vessel itself, and not at the port, Deputy Head of the Public Relations Department of SOCAR Ibrahim Ahmadov told Trend.

He pointed out that the vessel doesn't belong to SOCAR.

An investigation is underway and the causes of the explosion and the fire will be known after its results are announced, Ahmadov said.

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