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Tuesday, 02 April 2019 11:00

EU needs better energy storage to hit climate goals

EU needs better energy storage to hit climate goals

The EU needs better energy storage to meet its energy targets and achieve its climate objectives, according to a new briefing paper by the European Court of Auditors. The auditors identify challenges to energy storage technologies in the EU, both for the grid and transport, Caspian Energy News ( reports with reference to the press statement of the European Commission.

They warn that EU battery manufacturing capacity lags behind international competitors and might remain below the European Battery Alliance’s 2025 target. At the same time, the European Battery Alliance – established with the aim of creating competitive, sustainable battery-manufacturing in Europe – is largely focused on existing rather than breakthrough technologies, and risks not achieving its ambitious objectives.

The auditors warn that the current EU strategy might not meet energy transition challenges. They say the EU is developing the manufacturing capacity for lithium-ion batteries (as used in electric vehicles) later than other leading global regions. As it will enter the battery-production market as a “second mover”, it may have difficulties gaining a competitive advantage.

The Commission recognises the importance of research and innovation, and has taken steps to simplify the EU’s main research programme, Horizon 2020, say the auditors. Between 2014 and late 2018, it granted €1.3 billion from the programme for grid energy storage or low carbon mobility projects. However, there is a risk that the EU has not sufficiently supported the market deployment of innovative energy storage solutions. Moreover, the auditors note that there is scope to reduce the complexities of EU research funding further and increase participation by innovative companies.

The audit identified the following main challenges to EU support for the development and deployment of energy storage technologies: ensure a coherent strategy; increase stakeholder support; reduce the complexity of EU research funding; support research and innovation in energy storage technologies; deploy storage technologies; remove obstacles encountered by investors; and develop alternative fuels infrastructure.

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