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Wednesday, 31 May 2017 11:30

United States remains strongly committed to SGC

United States remains strongly committed to SGC

“For the United States joint projects with Azerbaijan are very important, and we will offer our strong support to the development of Azerbaijan not only in the energy sector”, says a welcome letter of US President Donald Trump to the participants of the 24th International Caspian Oil & Gas Exhibition and Conference, which opened this morning in Baku.

According to the welcome letter read out by US Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy Diplomacy Robin Dunnigan, “The US remains strongly committed to the Southern Gas Corridor project which is designed to ensure energy security of the EU, and also hopes to continue energy cooperation with Azerbaijan”, Caspian Energy News ( reports.

“I support and encourage Azerbaijan’s efforts to diversify its economy and look forward to exploring other areas of cooperation,” Donald Trump said.

“The US is ready to work with Azerbaijan as the country continues to undertake economic and governmental reforms. The Americans hope that prosperity and stability in Azerbaijan will grow, and this conference and the Southern Gas Corridor project are important for achieving these goals”, Donald Trump said in his letter.

Person in charge of the newsline: Fidan Isayeva 

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