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Monday, 11 January 2016 10:30

Energy projects worth $28 bln to be implemented in Iran

Energy projects worth $28 bln are planned to be implemented in Iran in coming several years. Caspian Energy News ( reports with reference to IRNA, minister of energy of Iran Hamid Chitchian said.

According to him, generating capacities of the country must be increased by 47-50 thousand MW in coming 10 years. It will require big funds. Part of them is planned to be covered at the expense of own resources of the power industry. The rest part shall be covered by the private sector. Some projects are planned to be implemented with participation of foreign investors. Numerous negotiations have been held with foreign companies in this regard. Many of them declared about their readiness to participate in the Iranian projects.

Minister of Energy reminded that Iran is currently producing 73,000 MW electricity.

Considerable funds have been invested into this sphere in recent years in order to eliminate certain lag in electricity production.

According to the minister, up to 5,000 MW of new generating capacities should be commissioned in Iran every year. 

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