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Monday, 14 September 2015 18:30

Bulgaria working to achieve energy security for EU

Bulgaria is activity working to support the energy security of the EU community, Caspian Energy News ( reports with reference to the Natural Gas Europe.

Speaking at the XII International Conference on Security in Southeast Europe in Sofia Friday, Bulgarian Minister of Energy Temenuzhka Petkova said that the Balkan nation is "actively working on the realisation of the goals of EU’s Energy Union – security of the deliveries, competitiveness and stability in the sector."

“It is not easy to work in this situation in Bulgaria. You know that as a whole the country is actively dependent on one energy source, which requires diversification both of the sources and of the routes of the natural gas deliveries. This is a highly important issue and it is not by chance that this is one of the major priorities of the Bulgarian government,” Minister Petkova remarked.

In minister’s words, to realise the diversification there is a need to establish the needed infrastructure among all EU member states. According to Petkova, the lack of the needed infrastructure does not allow us to speak about real diversification, energy and national security.

“Our major priority is the intersystem connectivity with our neighbouring countries – Greece, Turkey, Romania and Serbia,” Temenuzhka Petkova said.

“The accent in our work is put on the construction of an interconnector between Bulgaria and Greece", Ms Petkova said. “This will give us a real chance to minimise the risk of violations of our energy security, as well as the energy security of the community,”

The minister explained that there was a need to adopt a final investment decisions in order to launch this project.

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