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Tuesday, 25 August 2015 21:00

Scotland calls on UK to renew commitment to renewables

Scotland's energy minister called on the U.K. government on Monday to provide reassurance on its commitment to energy projects on the Scottish Isles given the government's failure to publish vital wind energy information to allow grid updates to take place to accommodate renewable, Caspian Energy News ( reports with reference to Anadolu Agency.

In January 2015, the U.K. prime minister committed to the deployment of renewable energy on ScottishIslands, and to assist with this, the former Energy Secretary Ed Davey pledged to publish information relating to the level and availability of support for remote island wind generators by July 2015.

Since the promised information's has not yet been published and is said to be delayed until sometime in the autumn of this year, Energy Minister Fergus Ewing saw it necessary to write to the Secretary of State for Energy, Amber Rudd, to ask for clarity on the future of energy projects on Scotland's islands arguing that these locations are the best places in Europe to deliver renewable energy.

He expressed concern over the delay on the publication of vital information until autumn and warned that "such delays have the potential to result in the necessary grid updates not going ahead."

"This assurance is a very important statement of continued intent - delivering island renewables and grid connections could have a transformational economic impact for island communities," Ewing said.

Ewing asked that the U.K. government provide reassurance on its support for island developers no later than the next forum meeting planned to take place on Sept. 21 inGlasgow.

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